Design Elements – Audio/Video (AV)

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Audio/Video (AV)

Advances in Audio and Video technology have provided exciting benefits for modern trade show booth designers. TV’s are larger, thinner and lighter, and information can be shared and broadcast between a multitude of different devices. These innovations, along with the evolution of websites and the internet, have given exhibitors impressive options for creating fuller, richer trade show presentations, all for an affordable price.


Resolution determines how crisp and defined your picture will look. The higher the resolution, the more pixels that are available in the screen to create the image. Although the 4k television was unveiled at CES 2013, with display dimensions of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, they are still far too expensive for most rental companies to invest in, and therefore 1080 TVs (which are 1920 × 1080 pixels) are the HD standard. In recent years, older TVs have been phased out, and now 720 TVs (1280 × 720 pixels) are typically the lowest resolution quality available. In fact, most TVs sold in the past 5 years are either 720 or 1080. The larger your TV is, the more important higher resolution is; a 720 display might look as good on a 32″ TV as a 1080 display looks on a 55″ TV.

Cables and Wire Management

Wire management is easily overlooked during the exhibit design phase. For many, the reality of running and hiding wires hits them on the show floor, resulting in more work or unavoidably exposed wires.

It’s good to consider how long you need your cables to be. Standard cables are 4′ to 6′ long, which isn’t long enough for many trade show applications. Longer cables can be easily ordered online or purchased at electronics stores like Fry’s. We inventory 25′ cables for running the audio and video from a computer under the exhibit flooring up to a TV.

  • HDMI cables carry both audio signal and video signals
  • VGA cables will carry a video signal only, not audio
  • CAT5 cable will carry both audio and video signal
  • 3mm audio cables can be used with VGA for sending both audio and video signals

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