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Trade Show Banner Stands

Banner Stands are the ultimate portable display. The introduction of banner stands into the trade show world has made a significant impact on exhibit design and trade show display construction. Banner stands are a portable display, but unlike a portable pop up display, banner stands are extremely versatile. They can accent a large custom Exhibit or they can serve as the back wall in a smaller inline space. Their cost is another huge benefit, as they are a low cost trade show graphic option. With their popularity, many producers have entered the market and, as with anything, some are better than others. If a Banner Stand is a good solution for you, then it’s worth a little homework to make sure you’re getting the size, features, and durability you need for your investment.

Banner stand displays are highly versatile display elements which, as far as trade shows are concerned, are essentially freestanding graphics that can be placed anywhere. Banner Stands are popular due to price, portability and versatility.

Banner stands consist of two basic parts: the display stand and the banner graphics. From there, banner stands can be divided into two main categories, retractable and non-retractable. Retractable banner stands include a canister that doubles as a protective container during shipping, whereas a non-retractable stands provide a sleek, minimal mounting structure without a protective graphic canister.

Banner Stand Hardware Options

There are a variety of different Banner Stand hardware styles. Some mounting hardware consist of tent poles that flex to create tension. However, the most popular banner stand hardware option is the “retractable Banner Stand,” which features a spring loaded canister where the graphic can auto roll into the canister for packing and shipping. Banner stands are available for different widths and heights of banners. The standard width is approximately 30″ wide and the standard height is approx 84″ tall.

There’s also double-sided banner stands, telescoping banner stands, and banner stands with a scrolling image. There are a variety of different accessories as well, such as lights and literature pockets, engineered into today’s banner stands, providing further options to customize your banner stand and your booth as a whole.

Banner Stand Banner Materials

Banner stand manufacturers offer a broad selection of printable banner materials, from low cost polyester, to high end sheer fabrics. Banner stands may surprise you how well they fit a variety of high end and cost effective applications. Banner stands can:

  • Serve as a graphic backwall.
  • Add width to an existing portable display.
  • Add a graphic accent in front of a wall, behind a counter of simply out in the open.
  • Link together in some models, for a larger, nearly seamless backwall.
  • Be stored at home, in the office, in the store or on the trade show floor.

Installing a New Banner Stand Graphic

Choose your Banner Stand carefully – If you need a freestanding graphic, or are interested in a portable display, you’ll want to take a good look at the company you’re buying it from and the banner stand itself. Pay attention to quality, because you usually get what you pay for when it comes to banner stands, and if you prefer a retractable banner stand, then make sure the company isn’t getting complaints about mounting the graphic or durability of the hardware construction – especially since many hastily engineered import banner stands flooded the market a few years back. After you’ve found your banner stand, pay attention to the installation of your graphics to assure that they are installed correctly. Whether the graphic is lying taught and smooth or loose typically depends on whether or not it was properly installed.

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