Design Elements-Acrylic Fixtures

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Acrylic Fixtures

Acrylic is an excellent trade show material with many uses on the trade show floor. Acrylic boxes, acrylic display cases, and custom acrylic store fixtures for encasing or holding products on display are among some of the most common. Jewelry, cosmetics and even electronics are good examples of products we commonly see encased and held on display. However, even companies that manufacture things like shoes commonly use acrylic store fixtures to display their products at the best angle.

Acrylic is an excellent fabrication material. When cut, the edges can be polished crystal clear. When glued, the seams can disappear. Acrylic is fairly strong and available in many shapes, sizes, colors. It is also available in different surface textures, clear, frosted or translucent, allowing for flexible backlighting options.

Acrylic Accents Tips

Tip: Frosted Plexiglas (acrylic) is more scratch resistant and diffuses backlighting nicely. Colored lighting gives you the option of changing the color of your acrylic display, giving you more color options to get the perfect display color for maximum effect.

Tip: Though not exactly acrylic, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS, is a great option when a textured platform is part of your display fixture. We often use this thermoplastic to make display platforms for our acrylic display boxes, and then a cover to set on top for a clean, sophisticated look and feel.

We’re Here to Help – Let Exhibit People design and build your custom-tailored acrylic display cases or acrylic store fixtures to elevate and hold your products at their best angle, showing them off in their best light.

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