Design Elements

Product Quality translates into fit, finish, stability and durability you’ll appreciate in your trade show display. We’re a hands on company, so we’re constantly on the show floor evaluating the product quality and durability. We invite you to read more about the Design Elements that make up the core of our exhibit design library.

Aluminum Systems

Extruded Aluminum is a excellent lightweight construction material for trade show display builders. It’s strong and light, and when anodized, it’s given a durable surface that resists wear. With extrusion, features can be designed into various profiles that can be made to simplify the connections between different pieces, enabling the builder more options for connections and, consequently, more options for design.

There are a number of leading extrusion systems; Octanorm, Agam and Modul to name a few. All have many profiles, connectors and accessories for all the common applications. All offer metal fabrication to bend or mill extrusions, or CNC cut plates to customer specifications. All are similar in price. The main difference between systems, however, is in the connector.

There are two main types of connectors. One type is based on spring steel and moving parts, while the other type of connector is based on two halves spread apart with a threaded nut. In our opinion, the simple 2 piece version with the threaded nut is better, because the lock is stronger and less prone to breakage. This is especially important as posts get larger and beams get longer.

A good system must have a selection of extrusion profiles, as well as a variety of connectors for joining beams to posts, posts to posts, beams to beams and accessories to the both beams and posts.

Aluminum extrusion has long been the dominant structural building material in the trade show industry. Only wood construction ever came close to aluminum’s level of popularity, but with advances in large format printing, and booth designs growing in complexity and size every year, Aluminum now leads the industry as the building material of choice.

Extrusion Connectors (locks) Matter

Unfortunately, there are knock-offs of these original locks, which are most commonly produced in China. These designs are prone to breakage. There is a fine line between ‘strong’ and ‘flexible.’ If the steel is not tempered perfectly, the part may be soft and bend after use, weakening the connection. The metal could also be made too strong, in which case it will become brittle and break.

We prefer the simple two-piece connector. We’ve selected Modul and Agam as our extrusion partners because both use the same lock: the simple, strong two-piece option. So, by working with both, we increase the number of profiles we can choose from and we’ve increased the fabrication capabilities available to us for customization.

Matrix Panel System

Another versatile trade show display extrusion system is the Matrix Display System. Matrix Display System is based on panels that minimize the exposed aluminum. Matrix is a great option for building walls, towers, and particular rooms. Skinned with infill panels on both sides, the space provided between the panels by the Matrix Display System creates a useful cavity for wire management and accessory mounts.

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