Design Elements – Custom Cabinetry

Product Quality translates into fit, finish, stability and durability you’ll appreciate in your trade show display. We’re a hands on company, so we’re constantly on the show floor evaluating the product quality and durability. We invite you to read more about the Design Elements that make up the core of our exhibit design library.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom Display counters and reception counters offer a good opportunity to customize the look and feel of your trade show display. With modern CNC systems, precision cuts and custom shapes are far easier to create than ever before. With hundreds of laminate colors, patterns, and textures available, custom counters offer an easy way to step it up and compliment your booth in just the right way.

Custom Cabinetry Tips

When your budget is limited, simple shapes can become smart-looking, affordable countertops that add form and function. However, when making a statement is the highest priority, nothing upgrades the look of a booth more than custom counters, custom kiosks, and beautiful custom reception counters at the main entrances.

Tip: Wood must be finished on both sides to prevent warping. Alternatively, a frame on one side can be used to control warping.

Tip: Most trade show counters are built from cabinet grade plywood for consistency in materials and to give strength with minimal weight.

Tip: Custom counters can have internal shelving designed and installed, custom-built to match specific dimensions and suit your needs.

Tip: Custom counters are typically built in 1-4 larger custom components. This may be a bit less efficient for packing, but it offers better labor savings during setup and dismantle of your trade show display.

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