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Reception Counters – Trade Show Counters

The reception counter of a trade show display represents the starting point for most trade show attendees. Your reception counter is both an important functional element and an important aesthetic element of your exhibit design. Depending on how you plan to staff your booth, the reception desk can serve as any number of things, including a presentation table, a meeting counter, and a lockable storage compartment. Next to your overhead signage, few other locations offer better opportunity to reinforce your company identity. With that said, you’ll want your reception counter to compliment your identity and your booth properly.

There are two main options for reception counters. There are portable reception counters that simply provide a work surface, and there are modular counters that provide a more substantial look and feel and come with locking storage. While these two options are the most common, there are more elaborate custom reception counters available that make a statement of your status on the show floor.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to match a custom reception counter with a simple, open design. You don’t have to have an elaborate exhibit design to get the aesthetic value from a nice, custom reception counter.

Tip: Locking storage is often not completely secure. In truth, most portable and modular counters have counter tops that simply sit onto the base, allowing for easy access to the compartment beneath. For these counters, the locking door is a deterrent, but not a completely secure solution when the booth is unattended. If complete security is important, let your consultant know. There are ways to add hardware to these counters that prevent easy access.

Tip: A counter can be a nice alternative to a meeting table. The base can provide storage. A counter with a 3-6″ overhang is best if you plan to add bar height stools around the counter. Think outside the box; we see many exhibitors opt for a meeting table when a larger reception counter would be more effective.

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