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Exhibit Flooring

Flooring will help you stand out, add character and define your booth space in a way that only exhibit flooring can. There are many options for trade show exhibit flooring. In the US, carpet is the most common, but raised flooring with real wood and linoleum surfaces are used on occasion. For small booths, there are also some really nice low-cost flooring tile options.

The Advantages of Plush Carpet – Plush carpet is the most common exhibit flooring due to the additional benefits that come with it. Functionally, carpet with padding makes it cheap and easy to run electrical and computer wires throughout the booth space without detection. Those who have chosen plush carpet as their exhibit flooring option also have a booth space that is nice to walk on, and carpet with padding installed underneath is nicer still. It’s not uncommon for exhibitors to order double padding for additional walking comfort, and, in addition, the double padding under your carpet creates a nice, beveled appearance at the perimeter of your booth space. This may seem a subtle difference, but this can have a dramatic effect on how unique your trade show booth appears to attendees walking the show floor. Besides, it just makes sense that attendees on their feet all day will appreciate soft, plush flooring.

Exhibit Flooring Options

Tip: Exhibit People recommends at least 30oz carpeting for your exhibit flooring material. 30oz plush has an ideal carpet density that seams better and wears better than thinner carpets. When comparing options, make sure you’re also comparing carpet weight.

Tip: Carpet inlays are a great way to enhance the look of your booth. It’s amazing the difference inlays make, in that they not only add color, but also help divide and direct the flow of attendees’ attention.

Raised Flooring – Raised exhibit flooring is another option. Raised floors have evolved to become the standard flooring solution outside the U.S., where wood and tile-looking flooring are preferred. Raised flooring allows you have a wood or tile-looking floor while still running electrical and computer wires underneath without detection. However, raised flooring adds material and labor costs, which may be why US exhibitors are reluctant to emulate European exhibitor trends such as raised flooring.

Flooring Tiles – Flooring tiles, another available option, are gaining popularity, especially in smaller 10×10 booths and 10×20 booths. Flooring tiles can have a rich wood grain look without the bulk and weight associated with larger exhibit flooring rolls. Flooring tiles also come with pad bonded to the underside, helping to hide electrical and computer wires run underneath.

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