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Product Quality translates into fit, finish, stability and durability you’ll appreciate in your trade show display. We’re a hands on company, so we’re constantly on the show floor evaluating the product quality and durability. We invite you to read more about the Design Elements that make up the core of our exhibit design library.

Trade Show Furniture

There are many great options for furnishing your trade show booth, from basic tables and chairs to plush lounge areas. The furniture in your booth says a lot about your exhibit design, and, consequently, your company; nice looking furniture can complement the booth design in an unexpected away, making your company look that much better. However, comfort is also a factor to be considered, both for attendees and employees. Overall, you’ll want your furniture to get used, so a little effort to make sure you have the right furniture and ample space for it might make a noticeable difference.

Functional Furniture

Meeting Tables – A meeting table is a common design element for many exhibit designs. A meeting table provides a place for in depth business meetings, and having a place within your booth space to meet with attendees allows you to leverage the moment to deepen a new relationship and gather more information from these potential clients in a private or semi-private setting. For meeting tables, there are two common heights: standard height and bar height. The difference between the two is that bar height is a bit taller, allowing the people seated to remain at eye level with the other attendees in the space. If you need a conference table, there are many options, from a smaller, basic model, to a full-sized conference table, giving your booth that boardroom look and feel.

Lounge Sets – If you want to create an atmosphere where attendees linger and mingle, there are many types of padded lounge sets with coffee tables to choose from in different styles, ranging from modern to traditional. Most of these are available in black or white leather, a material often used for its durability.

Anything is Possible – Almost anything you might need or want in your exhibit design can be rented, including liquor bars, fridges, desks, credenzas, shelf systems, and more. Furniture rental companies have inventory in Las Vegas as well as many other show cities, so availability isn’t a problem and delivery price is reasonable.

Tip: Consider a carpet inlay to define a meeting or lounge area. It’s a great way to define space while keeping your booth open and inviting.

Tip: Consider partially enclosing a meeting space; this allows you to maintain an open feel, but still keep away from the bustle of activity within the rest of your booth space.

  • Standard meeting table and chair sets.
  • Bar Height meeting table and stool sets.
  • Conference room table and chair sets.
  • Informal lunge area furniture sets.
  • Audience presentation seating.

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