Design Elements – Vinyl

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Contour Cut Vinyl Logos – Trade Show Graphics

Vinyl graphics come in over 50 solid colors, and these colors come in both gloss and matte finish. There are also a variety of special finishes available, such as gold leaf, brushed aluminum, and etched glass. Clear vinyl can also be printed on before being cut. This allows you to create a vinyl graphic of your logo that retains its shades or gradients.

The beauty of vinyl graphics is that they can be cut and applied to almost any surface. They are a good value since you only buy exactly what you need. They are relatively easy to apply, and they can dress up a booth with logos, icons, quotes or product descriptions. The possibilities are endless, and we find that after the large format graphics have drawn the attendees into your booth, vinyl graphics are great way to spice up your exhibit design and make it more appealing to the attendees at your show.

Tip: Vinyl graphics are most easily applied onto slightly textured surfaces, like laminates or Sintra. When applying to glass or Plexiglas, it may take a more experienced craftsman to apply the graphic without air bubbles surfacing underneath.

Tip: Consider applying cut vinyl graphics to your countertop, clear shelves, or showcases; it really sets them off nicely.

Talk with Us – Wait until your design is nearly final before you revisit it with an eye for where small vinyl graphics can be placed. These graphics will help compliment your exhibit design, your brand, and your marketing message; almost every booth could benefit from some well placed vinyl graphics. Talk with any of our rental consultants to learn more or bounce ideas off of them.

Appying Vinyls

Contour cut vinyl logos and lettering can be applied to many surface types, like glass, plexi-glass, laminate, sintra. The technique takes some practice to get the vinyl level, centered and applied without bubbles or wrinkles. At Exhibit People we apply a large number of vinyls so we have the technique figured out. Often times we can add vinyls during setup if you realize places that are ideal for more branding opportunities.

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