Design Elements – Pedestals

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Trade Show Product Pedestals

Display pedestals are a great way to draw specific attention to your products, positioning them in a way that commands attention. They allow for more freedom in placing your products throughout the booth space, and a display pedestal can position your products at the optimal viewing level, increasing visibility at all angles.

Available in All Shapes and Sizes – Pedestal displays vary in size and shape; some are tall and skinny and some are short and wide. These different sizes can be used to create unique, effective displays to suit your individual needs, such as the use of a row of display pedestals to present a product lineup.

Pedestal Show Cases

Display Pedestals can be Altered to Suit Your Needs – Depending on what you want to use the display pedestal for, many additions can be made to further accentuate the presence of the product placed on it. The display pedestal can have product information applied to it to tell people about the product. Acrylic display boxes can also be added to cover your product on the display pedestal if you need an element of security. Acrylic or metal fixtures can elevate the product to have it appear to float just above the display pedestal top.

Pedestal Options

Display pedestals are available in a variety of materials. Wood is used for a strong, sophisticated, architectural appearance, whereas aluminum and acrylic can be used for a hi-tech appearance. Back lighting or accent lighting the display pedestal can enhance the look of the product, making the display pedestal and the product on it more impressive.

Tip: Add ballast weight to the bottom to add more stability to the pedestal.

Talk With Us – Here’s a few of our favorite designs that utilize display pedestals effectively. When you’re ready, talk with one of our rental consultant to explore what display pedestal options might work best in your trade show display design.

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