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Product Quality translates into fit, finish, stability and durability you’ll appreciate in your trade show display. We’re a hands on company, so we’re constantly on the show floor evaluating the product quality and durability. We invite you to read more about the Design Elements that make up the core of our exhibit design library.

Trade Show Product Shelving

Many exhibitors need shelves to display their products. Since trade show displays are built to look heavy but not be heavy, adding shelves full of products can affect the stability. Weight higher up and farther out can exponentially increase the force on the wall. Show floors can even be a factor, as they are often slightly uneven, and this unevenness paired with your electrical wires can prevent a wall from sitting squarely as intended. In these cases, the booth should be designed to handle more than enough of the planned weight.

Shelving Considerations

Product Shelving Options – For trade show displays, there are a few common shelving options. Trade Show slat wall and grid wall are common in retail environments and, as such, they are common in trade show displays as well. Extrusion systems also have shelving options that tie into the channels using the locking system that keeps the rest of your booth together.

At Exhibit People, a shelf option, developed by our engineers, is one we call the ‘U-Bracket shelf;’ we create a U-shaped extrusion frame that locks into the channel of the vertical posts. Glass shelves set onto the U-shaped frame create a strong, good-looking shelf that allows light to pass through. However, if you’re attempting to recreate the stocked shelves of a retail store, then we can duplicate that look in a variety of widths and depths.

Shelving Options

Tip: Glass shelves are much stronger than Plexiglas shelves. Tempered glass can hold more weight, but once tempered, an impact to the edge can more easily shatter the glass. While glass shelves CAN be packed to survive transport and handling, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons for your application.

Tip: Clear shelves allow more overhead light to wash over the products

Talk to Us – There are a number of clever ways to add shelves to your trade show display design. Talk with any one of our rental consultants to explore options for incorporating your product into your exhibit design. It may be that a modified showcase or a combination of pedestals, shelves and showcases are best for your assortment of products.

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