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Trade Show Showcases

Showcases are a nice way to display larger, heavy or expensive products. Showcases allow you to display your products securely in their best light where attendees can see and scrutinize your products with or without booth staff assistance. Showcases are typically designed into the walls and towers of the exhibit design, but they are also often free standing design elements of the booth.

Showcases can be partially or fully enclosed. When enclosed, they can include a sliding door or a hinged, locking door for access to the products on display. On the inside, most showcases have adjustable shelving to accommodate layers of smaller shelves. With advances in LED lighting, showcases can also include powerful halogen or LED down lighting. Most full-height showcases are 92” to 95” inches in height. However, shorter showcases are available around 72” in height.

Showcase Lighting

Showcases can have backlighting, up lighting, or a combination of both to enhance the product presentation. It’s also nice to have a three-sided showcase with a printed graphic on the fourth side for use as a backdrop for the product to stand off from. Darker colored products displayed in showcases can benefit from this application.

Tip: Consider a custom acrylic fixture to hold your product at its best angle and position on the shelf. This may require a sample of your product(s) shipped early to extract dimensions and test fit during production.

Tip: Make sure to plan for power and wire management of the showcases. For freestanding showcases, the power will likely come from the floor up to the ceiling to power the lights at the top of your showcases. There needs to be a solution for concealing the wires from the base to the ceiling of each showcase. Wires can be run through extrusions, they can be run up the channels, or cord covers can be snapped into the extrusion slot to create a channel to hide external wires.

Talk To Us – If your need is more of a counter showcase, than jump to our page on Display Counters to learn about your options for counter height display cases, often referred to as jewelry cases or glass display cases. If you have questions or want to bounce ideas of our qualified staff, then talk to any one of our rental consultants.

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