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Booth Rentals in Orlando

Renting a trade show display for a show in Orlando can give you the most bang for your buck. A trade show booth rental can save money and give you greater flexibility, and renting with people who know the city of Orlando can cut costs in related trade show services. If you have a last minute need, a local exhibit rental company knows who to call and where to go.

If you’re planning to participate at a trade show or a business convention in Orlando, we’d like to help. Las Vegas is closer to Orlando than you realize. Travel and transportation costs can be low between these sister cities, if you have the right service partners. Our rental offices and warehouses are based in Las Vegas and we install many trade show booth rentals in Orlando. We know the city, the Convention Center, the Disney Event Centers. If you need something last minute, or simply want to know the good spots to entertain your business clients after hours, we can help. We can personally supervise your setup and we know how to help you cut trade show costs, whether you own your trade show booth, or you prefer an Orlando trade show booth rental.

Orlando trade shows are dominated by the local Teamsters union. The local Teamsters provides most of union workers to the show organizers in Orlando and to many of the independent labor companies that operate in Orlando. The local electrical union provides the Electricians, and there is also a rigging union for installing hanging signs and theatrical truss above your display booth. In general, we find Orlando fairly tolerant when it comes to union restrictions more so than Las Vegas, or any other trade show destination city.

Orlando has one of the country’s major trade show venues, The Orange County Convention Center. Some of the country’s largest trade shows are held in this venues. Few other cities offer food, lodging, meeting facilities and entertainment like Orlando.


For after hours, Urban Spoon is always a great resource for finding popular restaurants close you wherever you are.


Tip: Ship your freight to advance warehouse. Often shows offer lower drayage fees on advance freight. Advance freight is moved onto the show floor before any direct trade show freight is allowed in the building, so your labor crews won’t be delayed.

Tip: For direct deliveries to trade shows in Orlando, plan that your driver will be routing through the marshaling yard process. The marshaling process can take 1-3 hours from the driver check-in time to the time the freight arrives in your booth display space, depending on the show.

Furniture, glass display cases, live plants and other difficult to transport items can be rented locally. In Addition there are many crowd generating services you can arrange for locally in Orlando such as booth models, magicians and other entertainers. One of our favorites is a service to add a photo booth to your booth space, conveniently incorporated into your exhibit design. Talk with one of our rental consultants to explore lead generating options that might be a good fit for your company and booth space

Major trade shows in Orlando:

IAAPA – http://www.iaapa.org
PowerGen – http://www.power-gen.com
Performance Racing Show – http://www.performanceracing.com

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