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BroadView Software – NAB 2012

Mia Andrews of Toronto-based company BroadView Software wrote, “Thank you for the great booth! Everything was great, we have the same location next year only 5 feet deeper so we’ll have to come up with a good way to use the extra real estate. Michael and I are proud to be your client and more. ”


Goals: Since BroadView had graphics from the previous year’s rental, it was important to maintain the portions of the original design that displayed the main large format graphics. In addition to that, BroadView wanted to add a third meeting room and a second presentation area.


In order to keep the main structure centered between the support columns we developed a version of the design that increased the number of meeting rooms on one side and added a smaller presentation at the opposite end. To make the meeting spaces more inviting, we used translucent wall panels and doors. This year’s design featured a new style of workstations with richer looking wood laminate and a matching larger reception counter. Overall, the goal was to maintain a successful, recognized booth design, and that goal was accomplished.

Design Highlights:

  • Huge printed fabric banners
  • Cost effective infill’s
  • Translucent infill’s
  • Backlit graphics.
  • Oversized LED monitors for meeting rooms and workstations

More than just a Client

Owners Mia Andrews and Michael Atkins are long-time clients and friends of Exhibit People. We’ve serviced their Las Vegas rental needs since 2004, and, like Exhibit People, they understand how to get the most out of renting trade show displays. They are great partners to work with; Mia, with her talent for branding and marketing and Michael, with his industry expertise and strategic practicality made this design, as all of our BroadView designs are, a truly collaborative effort. Each year we push each other to create smarter, strategize better and get the most value for the money spent. Thank you BroadView for so many years of fun, hard work and challenge!