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Opsec Security – Licensing Expo 2012

Brandy Spense of Opsec Security said, “Thanks to you all for everything. The booth was great! We got several compliments on it. As a matter of fact, one of our clients is considering exhibiting next year and asked for your contact details, which I’ll be forwarding to him once I’m back in the office next week.”

Goals: Opsec is a well known company in the Licensing industry that helps brands validate their authenticity. This was Opsec’s first island exhibit, and Brandy and her team wanted to make an impact without a huge investment. They secured a 20×20 space in a great corner location between two intersecting main aisles, but in spite of this great location, the design wasn’t without challenge; there was a column next to the space which could restrict access and visibility of the booth space.


Opsec’s goal was to rent a booth that they could reuse in any 20×20 booth space. The requirements were to have an open, inviting look and feel, to have LED monitors looping multimedia presentations, and to take advantage of island booth height allowances with large overhead signage.


We initially suggested a 20×20 design option with a tall central tower / meeting area. However, after Brandy browsed our design ideas, she found another configuration that she liked better, one with more of an open center, perimeter wall design. We rendered and refined the design with a concept rendering that appealed to everyone. Unexpectedly, the Licensing show gave Opsec the option to exhibit in the prime corner location (the one with the obstructing column). After weighing pros and cons and evaluating reconfiguration options, we settled on a version of the open perimeter design, a version that maintained the most favored elements of the original and worked well with the booth’s location.

Design Highlights:

  • Hanging tension fabric sign
  • Sheer fabric printed infill
  • 10’ printed Sintra
  • 46” LED smart TVs
  • Product shelving for samples

Rental Advantage

For 2013, Opsec Security was again offered a prime location near the entrance of the trade show floor, even better than the space in 2012. Again, there was a restriction on the booth space; this time height was the issue. A maximum height of 12 feet was allowed, fairly low for a 20×20 island booth space.

One of the advantages of renting is the ability to adapt as needed show to show. In this case, Brandy asked Exhibit People their opinion. After consideration, our design team concluded that the location was an excellent opportunity, and that the best solution would be one that resulted in a more simplified display, but not one that would reuse the graphics purchased for 2012.

Reusing graphics is the best way to maximize a company’s rental investment. However, as Brandy knew, the goal of trade show marketing is to gain visibility, visitors and build new business. Although we weren’t able to reuse her 2012 graphics for this year’s show, the material rental costs are much lower, so overall the rental for 2013 will be no more than the rental for 2012, allowing Opsec to take full advantage of this location opportunity without an increase in costs! And to top it all off, going forward into 2014’s show season, Opsec Security now has more design options to plan with.

We won’t post Brandy’s new design until after the show, but check back then to see how we helped Opsec with a custom rental display for this new booth space!