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Realtime Immersive – Licensing Expo 2012

Kerry Brooks of Realtime Immersive said “Matt, thank you so much for your help and professionalism. It was truly a pleasure to work with you. You made a stressful process easy from the moment we received your bid all the way through tear-down on the last day. The booth was professional and high tech, exactly what we wanted. We look forward to working with you again next year!”


Realtime Immersive is recognized as the leading authority in Virtual training software. Realtime’s management recognized that it was time to step up their look at the annual I/ITSEC show in Orlando. They wanted a professional looking trade show booth to make a memorable statement. Among the criteria was the need for a reception counter and computer demo stations to give live client previews. Realtime Immersive also wanted the ability to link larger monitors to duplicate the demonstrations on larger screens to attract interest from the aisles.


For our design team, this solution unfolded with surprising speed. We wanted something that reflected Realtime’s products and company identity. Fortunately, Realtime has a nice website with a bright bold logo and amazingly detailed virtual people in uniform. The vertical images of the people in uniform led to the use of twin towers displaying the virtual characters, between which the logo shape easily fit, connecting the imagery with the brand. With these elements in place, the design begged to be enclosed in a contrasting circular carpet inlay, and the obvious color was the bright blue from the logo.

Kerry with Realtime told us that the inlay carpet was a big factor in choosing our design. Here’s Kerry’s response just after receiving our proposal, “Thank you Matt, The design is excellent and you really captured the high tech feel:)”

Design Highlights:

  • Impressive towers with product graphics
  • Innovative demo stations with HD 1080 tvs
  • Blue carpet inlay
  • 46” LED smart tvs

Customized to Suit

It would have been easier to propose a solution using standard upright kiosks. However, the resulting design would have been completely different. Since Realtime’s product is all about virtual action with amazing detail, it was important to have monitors to show this off. We settled on Samsung 40” LED 1080p Smart TVs from our AV rental inventory set on customized counters at a 30 degree angle. Custom platforms placed the keyboard and mouse in a perfect ergonomic position to orchestrate the on-screen action.

Since the computers were high powered servers, controlling heat was a factor we had to consider, so we added vent holes on the back and sides of the kiosk, adding to the high tech look with a very functional twist.

We’ve stored the graphics for Realtime for next year’s show. Rental savings really kick in when our clients rent more than once, allowing them to reuse their custom graphics. Next year Realtime will look just as impressive for about 1/3 less! We very much enjoyed the entire process with Kerry, John and the rest of the Realtime Immersive team. It’s great to see them grow and expand and we’re honored to be a part of it.