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Teksomak – Mine Expo 2012

After 5 rounds of design revision, and just before the 2012 Mine EXPO, Bihter Ayhan Marketing and Sales Rep for Teksomak wrote “Thank you very much, we trust in you. I’m sure that you will prepare our stand well. See you on Thursday morning.” Just after the show closed Bihter wrote, “Dear Matt, thank you for your excellent design for our stand at Minexpo 2012 :)”


Teksomak needed a solution within their budget of $10K. Teksomak was looking for overhead visibility and corporate identity graphics in a booth that also needed to accommodate 3 large drilling machines. Teksomak also wanted an LED TV to run a multimedia presentation, a locking display case to show off some of their diamond tipped cutting bits, and a meeting area and locking storage to accommodate boxes of giveaway items.


A central tower seemed to fit all the requirements. To eliminate rigging costs for the hanging sign, our designers focused on a solution that included a central tower that supported a custom-printed hanging sign. The tower could also serve as a graphic surface to give the booth personality and identity. In addition, the tower served as the locking storage closet for Teksomak’s giveaway items and it was the perfect place to mount a Samsung 55” LED Smart TV for Teksomak’s looping presentation video.

To meet Teksomak’s other requirements a customized acrylic display case was positioned in front of the tower and a meeting table set was positioned in the central space not used by the three machines. What resulted was a solution that complimented the drilling machines allowing Teksomak to highlight their products and their company.

Design Highlights:

  • Printed fabric hanging sign
  • Seamless graphic tower
  • Custom acrylic display case
  • 55” LED smart tv with looping presentation

Customized Display Case

Often it’s the customized details that help a client in meeting their goals for showcasing products in a trade show rental booth. Teksomak really wanted to showcase their drill bits. They needed a display case that locked, and they needed it to be big enough for their products but not too big for the limited space in the booth design. Lastly, since their drill bits are dark, they preferred to display them against a white background.

Our designers had the ideal solution. We’ve designed and built many custom acrylic display cases for past clients, and we knew this would be a good solution for Teksomak. We made the base using a white ABS material and fabricated a lock that secured the acrylic cover to its white ABS base. Using our modular panels, we created a pedestal base to set the customized acrylic display case on top of. The result was a perfectly sized display case that fit the products and the design.