Exhibitor Tips – Buying vs. Renting

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Should I buy or rent?

Whether to Rent or Buy? Deciding may be easier than you think! Your industry, competition history will be strong factors in the type of booth display you’ll need that will sufficiently impress attendees. We give you the logical and economical reason for both while we still recognize that there are other subtle factors that must be considered in the decision process.

These are the top reasons to BUY your trade show display:

Multiple Annual Shows – if you do many shows each allowing you to get lots of use before trends change, your message changes, or you out grow the size of your booth. When you do lots of shows each year (more than 4) then the cost of storing, previewing and minor repair is spread across many shows making owning truly more cost effective than renting
Tax Advantage – if there’s a tax advantage available to you for using liquid assets to buy a depreciable capitol asset.
NOTE: Damage occurs during handling shipping and use and as the owner you will be responsible for repairs or replacement. Anyone with experience will tell you how hard it is to win on a damage or loss claim.

These are the top reasons to RENT your trade show display:

Worry Free – if you don’t want to worry about loss or damage during handling transport and use.
Responsive – if you want to finalize you booth closer to the show to have a cutting edge booth design and more current marketing message.
Flexibility – if your may want to change your booth size or style from show to show
Turnkey – if you prefer someone else organizing all the booth related details so you can simply show up and sell.

Kit Rental vs. Custom Rental

The essential difference between a kit rental and a custom rental is the amount of customization. Kit rental designs are a collection of standard rental parts. Standard rental parts will be those that can easily be used to create many other kit designs. The more rental parts in your design the lower the price. As custom parts are added to a design the price will go up depending on the cost of the custom parts. Today, most rental companies offer some amount of customizing in order to deliver a design that meets your needs.

With is said, not all rental inventories are the same. Some companies are better than others at selecting the best components that are complementary and versatile. Companies that do this well are also better at removing dated components inventory becomes worn or trends change. Some companies are better setup to engineer and fabricate custom parts.

In short kit was more of what trade show rentals use to be years ago where as custom trade show rentals represents what rental companies are working to offer today’s exhibitors. Technically, it only takes one rental part for a custom trade show display to become a custom rental. The trick is to cleverly use the most rental components with custom components only when needed. The result will be a booth that looks full custom that costs less.

Repeat Rentals

If your new to renting you may not be considering the savings you’ll realize on the second use of your custom rental. On the second use the custom items are already paid for. With Exhibit People, you own those custom parts after the first rental, so on your second rental you only require the rental parts needed to complete the design. Since graphics alone can account for 30-50% of your custom rental cost, you can begin to see how economic repeat rentals can be.

Many experiences renters know this and leverage it to their advantage. Since the savings is great on the second rental, exhibitors can afford minor improvements to keep their booth fresh and interesting. It may be a few different graphics, or a slightly cooler kiosks, or a bigger LED tv. There are lots of ways any design can improve to keep pace with industry trends designer creativity and production capabilities.

Talk with one of our experienced Exhibit People

If you’d like to talk about shipping, storage, reusing rental graphics or any buy vs rent questions, please call and talk to any of our exhibit people. There are many factors to consider but for most companies its a easy choice once we help you wade through the pros and cons to the best choice for you.