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2016 Holiday Greetings

Matt LaBruzza : 16 December, 2016 9:27 pm : Blog

We have so much to be GRATEFUL for. Thank YOU to all of our Exhibit People clients and friends for helping to make 2016 a success. On behalf of myself and the entire Exhibit People team, I want to wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Be well,

Exhibit People at CES 2016

Matt LaBruzza : 18 January, 2016 12:45 am : Blog

For over 40 years, CES has been the place where the techies of the world, both professionals and hobbyists, have gathered to present, view, and discuss the newest technologies of the day. Luckily, the show happens in Las Vegas each year, right in our backyard!

Filling both the Sands and Las Vegas Convention Centers, as well as a few other venues, the CES show is massive, and it seems to get bigger every year. This year it consisted of over 3,600 exhibiting companies-manufacturers, developers and suppliers alike- and a conference program with more than 200 conference sessions. Over 150,000 people attended this year from over 150 countries.

This year, we got some firsthand experience on some interesting products through our clients, seeing everything from innovative waterproofing solutions to a ‘game console’ for your dog, to the ever popular drones, and quite a few things in between. This year, rather than just show you our walk of the show, we decided to share with you the booths by us! Take a peek at these 6 booths by Exhibit People that were on display at CES 2016, and, as always, enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

Matt LaBruzza : 4 December, 2015 4:37 am : Blog

Unicorn Tire: Bigger and Better Than Ever

Matt LaBruzza : 17 November, 2015 1:05 am : Blog

Unicorn Tire steps it up at this year’s 2015 SEMA Show with an eye catching new 40×50 rental booth design from Exhibit People. Our friends at Unicorn wanted this year to be different than last. They wanted an impressive overhead presence, and we delivered a massive 38 foot billboard, 22 feet above the show floor. Unicorn also wanted a design with privacy, but an open inviting feel once you enter beyond the reception area.

In the end, this design came together nicely. A large coffee bar created an excellent mingling space for Unicorn and their guests, with a measure of privacy. Two large meeting rooms also allowed Michael and his team to hold important meetings. Overall, guests could browse products, catch up with old friends, and even talk business in a booth that couldn’t be missed if you were in the south hall of the World’s Largest Automotive Aftermarket show.

We’re Exhibit People, and we specialize in giving custom, tailored rental booths at the right price. Give us a call if you’d like to explore what we can do for you.

A Surprisingly Great Tour of Vegas Past

Matt LaBruzza : 13 May, 2015 11:46 pm : Blog

Most people who come to Las Vegas tend to think of it as nothing more than a place for partying or business. However, the city is actually quite rich in history, and, being locals, we get to see the city every day, and sometimes through our adventuring we stumble upon some hidden gems worth mentioning. We recently found one such gem; a local attraction that may surprise and fascinate you.

The Neon Boneyard is a collection of over 150 old signs from casinos that have been demolished here in Las Vegas. Some are a little more recent, and definitely have a bit of nostalgia associated with them, even if you didn’t live here at the time, but there are signs dating back decades, and each sign has its own unique story.

To see the Graveyard you have to book a tour, but it is well worth it. Not only does each side give you a glimpse of what Las Vegas was like, but your knowledgeable tour guide gives you the background, giving you some insight as to each particular sign or casino helped shape Las Vegas into what it is today. You can book a tour during the day or the night, but we would definitely recommend the night tour- the signs are breathtaking, and they even light some of the signs up!

Take a look at these few highlights from our tour, and next time you’re out in Las Vegas, think about booking your own!

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