Trade Show Services – FunClick Photo Booth Rental

We are a Service Company, whether it’s exhibit design service, or trade show services and packages in which we deliver and setup your booth display, excellent service is what wins new clients and retains existing clients. Learn about our core services, plus a few additional services that might round out your exhibit marketing strategy and enhance your trade show experience and results.

Renting a Photo Booth for your Event

Photo Booth Rental/Hostess Packages – Exhibit People has partnered with Funclick USA to offer 3 fun photo booth rental packages. Each package includes an attractive booth model who is trained in building interest and assisting attendees as they select options, enter contact info, and snap a picture which prints instantly. .

Funclick’s photo booth with Model packages

Select from one, two or three day packages that include;

  • a stand printed with a custom theme tailored to your company
  • photo and printer equipment
  • the film
  • and a trained hostess.

Your Photo Booth can be a stand-alone kiosk that fits anywhere in your booth space, or the camera and printer equipment can be integrated into your Exhibit People booth design. Either way your photo booth rental will require just a few minutes to setup. Your hostess will arrive 1 hour early for a brief training on the camera and printer. She will also spend time with you to learn how and when you want her to engage attendees. Then before the show opens the hostess will have some time to become acquainted with the booth staff before the show starts, it’s very simple.

Giveaways can be a great way to attract a crowd and create an exciting buzz about your company on the trade show floor. Break the ice with new business prospects. Show them you’re a fun group of people to work with. Many feel that it’s better to spend some time getting acquainted with attendee visitors before you begin rattling off features and benefits. A photo booth rental in Las Vegas might be just what you need to help you do just that.

Talk with any of our trade show rental consultants to learn more and discuss tips and suggestions. We were even a bit skeptical about this lead gathering / giveaway service, but, to our surprise, even our most skeptical clients end the show surprised and ready to rent another photo booth for their next show.

Request a complete Turn-Key Proposal

If you prefer a complete turn-key solution, one that handles more than just producing a trade show display, then talk to any one of our trade show consultants to request a complete proposal including all the trade shoe services you need and want to help you maximize your trade show experience while minimizing the stress involved pulling everything together.