Trade Show Services – Setup Labor (I&D)

We are a Service Company, whether its exhibit design service, or trade show services that deliver and setup your booth display, excellent service is what wins new clients and retains existing clients. Learn about our core services, plus a few additional services that might round out your exhibit marketing strategy and enhance your trade show experience and results.

Setup Labor (I&D)

We know the trade show floor; we’ve installed hundreds of trade show displays and rental booths in venues across the country. We have plenty of experience to help you avoid potential pitfalls that cost time and money. We also partner with the industry’s best labor companies, companies that have a team of experienced trade show labor crews in every major trade show city around the US. These are experienced labor crews that know our designs, packing, instructions, and most of all, industry professionals that know us personally, and can get in touch with us 24/7 if they need to.

At Exhibit People, we don’t only hire crews; we travel on-site ourselves to lead the setup and dismantle of a client’s display in person. Smooth execution is our specialty, and our Exhibit People pride themselves in knowing their way around the show floor. We’ve chased down lost freight, and we know where to find it. Because we double check layouts, we’ve fixed incorrect electricians’ floor work. We ensure all the services you requested are on schedule to execute as planned so your booth returns just as smoothly as it arrives.

We’re based in Las Vegas, and conveniently located within 20 minutes of The Las Vegas Convention Center, The Sands Convention Center, and the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. We know people who know people, which can come in handy when you need something fast and cheap on the trade show floor – maybe a last minute vinyl logo for your counter, or one more light fixture? Our clients appreciate the level of personal attention we give every each of them. We know it truly sets us apart in a highly unionized, deadline-driven industry. We remove all the show floor stress so you can focus on business.

Set-up Supervision Service

Tip: Consider the advantage of having a person at setup that really knows your booth, the design, the packing, the sequence of installation. Planning on having one of our set up supervisors on site can easily pay for itself in terms of a faster, well-run installation. You need someone that represents the exhibit house and is motivated to please the client, not motivated by the hour like most show floor labor is. Here’s the extras we provide with our Set-up Supervision Service:

  • Final wipe down to remove all dust and fingerprints.
  • Final vacuum to clean remaining setup debris.
  • Final Wipe of Electronics with proper AV wipes.
  • Set border barriers / tape to discourage intruders.
  • .

Request a complete Turn-Key Proposal

If you prefer a complete turn-key solution, one that handles more than just producing a trade show display, then talk to any one of our trade show consultants to request a complete proposal including all the trade show services you need and want to help you maximize your trade show experience while minimizing the stress involved pulling everything together.