Trade Show Services – Logistics

We are a Service Company; whether it’s exhibit design service, or trade show services in which we deliver and setup your booth display, excellent service is what wins new clients and retains existing clients. Learn about our core services, plus a few additional services that might round out your exhibit marketing strategy and enhance your trade show experience and results.

Trade Show Logistics – Shipping your Trade Show Display

Trust us, we do this all the time – We move show freight every day; it’s one of the main trade show services we offer with the booth displays we rent and sell. After all, we’re located in Las Vegas, which hosts thousands conventions, trade shows, and corporate events each year. We’ve delivered to Hotel and Casino properties, and checked into trade show marshalling yards hundreds of times. We’re used to getting weighed, released, and offloaded.

We Make Shipping Efficient – Our seasoned Project Managers have a ton of insight into how exhibit freight (ground and air) moves and where things can get hung up, so we know how to ensure that your trade show freight arrives in your booth space when it should! If your show is here in Las Vegas, and you buy or rent from us, we will deliver your display to and from the show hall for FREE! If your show is in Orlando, Chicago, Anaheim or any other show city, we’ve negotiated excellent shipping rates with highly experienced trade show freight companies to ship your exhibit cases or crates from our warehouse to your booth space –and back again—at any show.

Shipping Cost – Your freight rates will be based on the weight of your trade show cases or crates. To give you an idea, most 10×10 booths weigh 200-500 pounds, most 10×20 booths weigh 500-800 pounds, and most 20×20 booths weigh between 800-1500 pounds. You also have to factor in the weight of the empty crate, which weighs approximately 300 pounds.

Tip: Remember that the show will charge drayage based on the freight weight. This is a separate fee unrelated to shipping to and from the show. Drayage is a fee to cover the moving the freight from the dock to the booth space and storing empty crates during the show.

Tip: Special deliveries, like weekends, holidays, or targeted move-ins, can add to the freight costs. It’s a normal part of the freight process that’s good to know and understand.

Talk to Us – Talk to any one of our rental consultants to learn more. When we develop a quote, we determine the ship date, the delivery date, the pickup date, and the return date. From these dates we’re able to develop a shipping cost to include on your shipping quote.

Types of Freight Companies

  • LTL Carriers – ship ground when you have 5 days for delivery
  • Air Freight Forwarders – use FedEx, DHL, Airlines, when it must arrive in 1-3 days
  • International Freight Forwarders – when it must cross country borders

Request a complete Turn-Key Proposal

If you prefer a complete turn-key solution, one that handles more than just producing a trade show display, then talk to any one of our trade show consultants to request a complete proposal including all the trade show services you need and want to help you maximize your trade show experience while minimizing the stress involved pulling everything together.