What size do I make my rental LED video wall content?

The first question clients ask is “what size do I make my MP4 video file that will play on my rental LED video wall?”

This LED Video Wall answer has two factors:

LED Tile Shape:

Every LED video tile is fitted with a specific number of tiny LED bulbs mounted across the panel and the same number from top to bottom of the panel. Think of the LED bulbs on each tile as pixels, much like your TV. Your home TV screen, for example, is likely 1080 pixels tall x 1920 pixels wide.

Square LED video wall tiles measure 500mm x 500mm, so you could also say 500 pixels x 500 pixels. Square tiles are smaller and more versatile and than other LED tile sizes.

LED Bulb Size:

You will need to know the size of the LED bulb, this is part of the resolution formula. For example our square LED video wall tiles have a P2.6 resolution. This is the nomenclature in LED technology to tell you the LED bulb size for that LED tile. In fact the 2.6 is giving you the distance from the start of one bulb to the start of the next bulb. This takes in account the black space between bulbs to create an accurate designation.

This is just like your home TV which also has pixels with black space between them, only your TVs pixels are smaller and better hidden behind the glass face.

So, when you ask what size do I make the MP4 video file that will play on my rental LED video wall, your really asking how many tiles high is the video wall by how many LED tiles wide is the final video wall. You also need to know how many bulbs across per LED tile. Our LED tiles are P2.6 tiles that have 192 bulbs wide and 192 bulbs tall. If there are 11 tiles wide in your video wall then your video width will be 192 x 11 = 2112. If that same video wall has 5 tiles tall your video height will be 192 x 5 = 960.

So once you’ve done the math, you’ve figured out that you need to make your video aspect ratio 1848×840 for an exact fit of your video content to your rental LED video wall. Your video wall content people can make the actual movie to this exact size or larger as long as it retains this aspect ration so it fits perfect when sized to your rental LED video wall.

If you make the video smaller, this will require it to be enlarged to fit your LED video wall, which always results in some loss of quality. Shooting for exact match of your video file size to your video wall size will allow your rental LED video wall to give you the best possible picture.

LED wall rentals is our specialty for trade shows, corporate events or even live events. If you’re considering renting a trade show video wall call to talk with one of our customer service representatives or video technicians to discuss the steps in creating video content that will work best for your indoor digital signage message.

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