Trade Show Rentals Orlando

Any exhibit house can offer trade show booth rental Orlando. But finding the right trade show rentals in Orlando can feel a little Mickey Mouse. A good test will be whether they have a portfolio with a variety of rental solutions and client testimonials. Ask for past client references; A good exhibit house will welcome the opportunity to share their clients’ successes.

However, an exhibit house with experience in Orlando will have worked the major annual shows as well as the shows that change venues yearly. They will know the city, having done work in the Orange County Convention Center as well as the Disney event centers; and other event properties scattered throughout the surrounding area. Having repeat clients demonstrates their ability to consistently deliver what they promise.

Like other trade show cities, trade show rentals in Orlando differ in materials and exhibit systems being used. No matter what city you are exhibiting in, use of lightweight materials is always beneficial. It’s easy to create a nice-looking rendering, so look for an exhibit house that shows consistency in providing a show floor product that matches their concept renderings.

Want a smoother, faster install without unwanted surprises and additional costs? Of course, you do! Opting for an exhibit partner that provides a complete rental solution or “turn-key rental”, one that includes the graphics, AV, flooring, furniture and onsite setup supervision, will put you on the right track to achieve a successful trade show return on investment.

Las Vegas

Trade Show Rentals Las Vegas

With so many Exhibit Houses to choose from, finding the right trade show rentals in Las Vegas can be a roll of the dice. Look for rental specialists with good portfolios of rental work and client testimonials, and be prepared to ask for past client references.

A trade show booth rental Las Vegas that does a fair amount of trade show rental, and personally install the booths they rent, will have the experience you need and want. Therefore, the one that has many repeat rental clients will demonstrate that they deliver what they promise.

Furthermore, different rental companies use different materials and exhibit systems in the rental solutions they inventory and offer. We are more than happy to discuss details and weigh advantages to help you get the rental that’s right for you. Keep in mind, it’s easy to create a nice looking rendering, however, the fit and finish detail may be different in the actual booth delivered. Opt for vendors that provide a complete rental solution or “turn-key rental” that includes the graphics, AV, flooring, furniture, and onsite setup supervision. This results in a smoother, faster install without unwanted surprises and additional costs.