Computer Demo Station Rental

Computer workstations are a very common trade show design element. Having access to a website or training content in the booth space for a one on one demonstration can provide attendees with critical information to help seal the deal.

Plan for more than one computer workstation especially if you plan to have plenty of staff and interested attendees, 2-4 computer demo stations is common, especially in larger booths.

Important considerations will be the size and placement of the video monitor, and ample counter space for keyboard and mouse are important considerations to discuss.

If you’re planning on a Cat5 internet cable run by the show to your booth space, then consider a wireless router placed in a counter or closet of your booth space to route internet signal easily to a multiple workstations and devices within your booth space. A password protected router prevents neighbors from tapping into your bandwidth.

Conducting Product Demos

At Exhibit People we have a large inventory of LED TVs for rent and a number of counter/cabinet styles that allow us numerous ways to create and integrate a rental kiosk or a computer demo station into your rental booth design. We’ve found that 50 inch and 55 inch LED TVs have proven to be the right size for a demo station. Large enough for a small group of people and small enough to be comfortably viewed up close.

Browse our Priced Rental Kiosks and see if any catch your eye. Or talk with an expert and tell us about your demonstration needs and let us develop a custom-tailored solution to provide your attendees with a great show experience.

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