Retail Looking Trade Show Shelving Rental.

For many trade show merchandisers, wall mounted shelving is far and away the best way to display their products. This could be true in that booth space is limited and some exhibitors have loads of product to display.

We’re specialists in trade show shelving and ready to help you get the ideal trade show flooring for less.

Adjustable for when you need it:

Adjustable trade show booth shelving is certainly valuable when you have many products and want to adjust the placement during install. This ability to adjust the distance between shelves gives more options for grouping and organizing your products.

Polished Edges for a retail look:

All our trade show shelving rental options and rental design ideas feature glass shelves for the reason that we find glass shelves simply perform best. Glass trade show shelving have the high gloss appearance you find in any department store. Glass trade show display shelves also allow light to pass through, keeping your product out of the shadows.

For materials, most trade show product shelving is usually plexiglass or glass. Both materials will work, however glass is far stronger and won’t scratch as easily. Glass is far and away our top choice.

Shelving options for every situation:

Hence, for the trade show shelving solutions in our trade show booth rentals, we offer three different options that collectively meet most custom display shelving requirements;

One – Slat-wall adjustable shelving because it provides good load bearing strength and quick adjust-ability plus has hundreds of easily found fixture options.
Two – Fixed shelving for clients that need shelves but prefer more architecturally designed shelves.
Three – Lastly, Durable storage shelves that are low cost and primarily used to maximize storage in closets.

For examples of trade show shelving ideas, we have a our most popular rental shelving solutions below intended to get us thinking and talking design ideas. For more design ideas we browse our rental booth design ideas filtered to show designs with product shelving.

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This is by far the most common shelving question. The answer depend on how heavy or strong the shelf wall is. Shelf weight is not downward weight. Weight on the front of the shelf has a much larger effect that weight to the back of the shelf. Its best to first develop some rough drawing showing the items you will want on the shelves, and then to add the weights of these items. With this info we can understand both weight and weight position and engineer your booth to exceed the stability needed for the shelving and product you want to display.

As a general rule 10 pounds per shelf is no problem and very common. 30 pounds per shelf is significant and will require changes to the shelf and wall to meet this load bearing requirement.

Yes, this is very common. We use quarter inch thick glass with polished edges. We often make shelves that are longer or not as deep. In some situations, such as in a tower structure, we are able to provide larger shelves.

Each circumstance is different and we may have suggestions to help you better, safer accomplish your glass shelf goals.

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