Rental Exhibit Design

Exhibit design for customized rental exhibits is very similar to the design process for purchased exhibits.

Our Rental Designers blend form and function to give you a rental solution that fits your identity, and accommodates your marketing messages, while at the same time providing a functional work environment to display your products, demo software, and accommodate clients and prospects.

The goal is for your booth to look like a custom booth, not a rental. With innovations in materials and printing it’s now far easier for a rental display to achieve a fully custom look than just a few short years ago.

Overall, today’s custom rental solutions are a clever blend of standard rental inventory and custom elements to achieve just the right design that meets your needs and your budget.

Smart form and function give you more rental booth for less

At Exhibit People, we engineer as we develop our unique trade show rental designs. Our extensive CAD library and our unique workflow system allow us to draw from our libraries and maximize material and packing efficiencies as we design. Our show floor install and dismantle experience helps know what works well and what wastes time and money.

This advantage of rental exhibit designs translates into rental booths that match proposed renderings in every detail, minimizing waste and reducing shipping and installation costs. This allows us to give you more booths for less money. Talk with one of our Rental Designers and you’ll find that we need just a few days to develop a custom-tailored design suited to your needs and budget. If we miss the mark, we’ll gladly try again.

  • Extensive Rental Inventory
  • Comprehensive CAD Library
  • Smart Workflow
  • Smart Innovations

Key Features

key feature
Each design is engineered before rendering.
key feature
Graphic Dimensions are ready for your designer.
key feature
Critical dimensions are easily provided.
Ask Us a Question

Ask Us a Question


    One purpose for having a good variety of our rental designs on our website is to show the breath of our inventory and capabilities. If a design you’re considering is completely different then all the designs on our website then chances are the construction materials are also completely different.

    The design you like may be constructed with another system, wood or other material that results in a completely different look.

    It’s fair to say that our booths are customized rather than fully custom. By customized we’re telling you that the design is likely built with mostly standard parts along with a certain percentage of customized parts in order to achieve a certain look. The greater the customization required the more custom parts are likely involved.

    Having said that, it’s common that a company will send us a design that they might like for some very basic reasons that have nothing to do with the actual materials used. With a few questions we can determine whether it makes sense to translate that design using our materials and capabilities. We’ve had very good success doing this because our rental inventory is extensive and highly reconfigurable.

    Quick two minute video.