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To make things as easy as possible for you, we handle the shipping of your rental freight to and from the show venue. We work with leading shipping companies experienced in the pre-show delivery and post-show pickup of trade show freight.

We have 24/7 contact with our freight partner to ensure your booth stays on schedule from our warehouse to your booth space and back.

Shipping is a team effort. Our part is to pack your freight well so that it’s protected against damage. We follow proven packing processes that protect booth contents from road vibration and careless forklift operators.

Our Shipping Department’s responsibility is to get your booth to the show on time while minimizing, or eliminating freight transfers during the journey. Fewer transfers means less handling and less chance of damage.

We travel with your Rental Booth

At Exhibit People, we ship rental booths all over the country and even internationally. We know how to get your booth from our warehouse to the show floor fast, safely, and efficiently. We use trusted exhibit freight carriers and durable crates built tough and reinforced with steel to withstand even the longest haul. And remember, we travel to the show – no handing off responsibility to a third party labor company.

We see your booth leave our warehouse and we’re the first ones to open your freight on the show floor. After the show, we are the last ones to pack and seal your freight and properly turn in the show paperwork for a safe journey back to our warehouse.

Need to ship your products? We can help with booth shipping your products and literature too. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with all your shipping needs.

  • Extensive Knowledge of Trade Show Logistics
  • National and International Shipping
  • Custom Crates Built Tough
  • Product/Literature Shipping

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Ask Us a Question


    We recommend that your freight go early to the Advance Warehouse. This is the best way to insure your freight arrives on time for install.

    If you do ship direct, your driver will have to check into a marshaling yard so that the show can have a orderly arrival of trucks on the docks. Amazingly is seems most trucking companies know that trade show deliveries usually involve checking in at a offsite Marshaling Yard. They also know that this process includes hours of waiting to get marshaled form the yard, to the show dock where they are off loaded. They also seem to know they must return to the yard to get re weighed so that the freight weight can be determined for billing. The freight dispatcher often knows how to look up a shows marshaling information.

    For those few that aren’t aware of this process, there are plenty of people to redirect them if they attempt to deliver direct to the show unknowingly.

    The Exhibitor Service Manual includes a map providing the location of the Marshaling yard. Its a good practice to attach a copy of this to your freight order to insure you shipping company is prepared. Most shipping companies will charge you an hourly rate for waiting time. This rate is almost always higher on weekends and holidays.

    If you don’t have good rates from a shipping company you use regularly then it might be more cost effect for you to use the shows carrier. This may save you in some small print fees related to when things can be delivered or when things are moved from the warehouse to the show hall.

    You also have the option to ship your freight to our warehouse so that we manage the shipment to the show. This makes most sense if you have just a few small boxes. In general, the less your freight is handled the less damage can occur.

    Yes, we would be happy to handle your shipping. We would charge you cost plus our 10% markup. The local and national carriers we work with give us very competitive rates, but more than that, they specialize in moving trade show freight.

    We have 24/7 access to our agents so at anytime we can react to changes or delays.

    This is a great hassle free option and it allows us to better track your incoming shipment so that everything arrives as planned for install.

    Typically, FedEx deliveries direct to the show are outside the marshaling plan. However, if they arrive early there may be no place to set them. Keep in mind that many shows use portions of the show hall to stage trucks for offloading then after a few days of install, the mark off the remaining booths. If your scheduled targeted move in is later in schedule you may want to call find out when your space will be taped off and marked so that the delivery staff can find your space to leave your FedEx boxes.

    Two other options. You can have your boxes shipped to your hotel. This gives you more control on you boxes not getting lost at a big show. Another option is that you can send your boxes for hold at the FedEx office in the show city. This is even better control but make sure you know the talk with that office and know their business hours for collecting your boxes once you arrive to the show city.

    Quick two minute video.