Glass Display Counters and Plexiglass Counters Galore.

Trade Show glass display counters let attendees know something important and valuable is inside. People are drawn to them, especially when they have internal lighting.

For small products that you need to keep an eye on glass display cases are a must. We’re specialists in glass display counters and we’re ready to help you get better glass display cases for less.

Modular Glass Counter Features:

Display counters also provide triple duty, they’re a showcase, a counter and a storage cabinet all in one. They however are fragile and difficult to ship which explains why glass display cases can be hard to find in many trade show cities.

The good news is that we have some very nice cost-effective display cases with all the best features, some with plexiglass sides and tops and some with tempered glass sides and top. We know how to pack and ship to arrive safely. Renting display counters as part of a complete custom trade show display rentals booth design is the best way to minimize the cost impact of shipping.

Our glass display counters work well individually or aligned in a row. We also have angled corner glass display counters for full wrap around glass display counter functionality much like a department store.

A bit more on glass display counter, we have a few features worth pointing out. Our glass display counters do NOT have edge frames, we prefer all glass tops and our counters have a nifty connector that connects sides to top and bottom. These counters are considered ¾ view display counters, which means ¾ is glass and ¼ is base.

To give you more storage and make good use of the base, our glass display counters have locking door for this additional storage. Not to mention that bases are constructed like our counters and pedestals, so the base can be printed on all sides. When these counter solutions are used together it creates a very custom trade show display rentals booth.

Plexiglass display Counter Advantages:

Our plexiglass counters provide an amazing custom looking solution for larger sweeping display counters. For these plexiglass display cases the top simply lifts off the base to place the product inside. Sorry, but we don’t have an option to access displayed product via a door, so if you need access to products during your event these wont be a good choice.

To see our glass display counters and plexiglass display counters scroll below. We also suggest you click to browse our prices design ideas filtered to show you designs with display counters.

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Yes, every glass and plexiglass case we offer or make custom, will have internal lighting. We have different LED lighting solutions for different counters but all have bright white LED lighting powered by a standard 110V outlet.

Make sure you’re planning how power will come to your Pedestals. If you’re renting pedestals as part of a complete rental design, then do not worry, we will handle running power to the pedestals in the best discreet way possible. If you are renting pedestals for a ballroom event or similar you likely won’t have flooring and underpad to hide the power cords. In this case, there are colored vinyl and gaff tapes that can cover your cord and make them less obvious.

We do have the ability to offer lithium battery packs for times when running cords won’t work well. Let us know your application and we’ll brainstorm ideas to consider.

Not in glass. Our standard glass display counter is 4 foot wide and 20 inches deep. We do have plex top display counters that also have internal lighting, but they do not have access into the display case.

Yes you can, however we find this only makes sense if your show is in Las Vegas where we store our glass display case inventory. Shipping only glass display cases means the shipping cost will be more than the display case rental. In addition there is unpacking and repacking of the display cases that is best done by our install specialists.

So, in short our glass display case rental from Exhibit People will make most sense when the glass display cases are simply part of a complete custom trade show display rentals solution, where the shipping isn’t an excessive part of your order and our specialists can place, clean and connect the lighting to power in your booth space.

We have built many custom glass display cases. Usually its easier to give requested dimensions within budget if we construct display cases with plexiglass.

However we also have built custom glass top display cases with innovative pull out bases for access to the surgical instruments in the display case.

We have the skill to design and fabricate to meet most display case needs, however custom built display cases can come at a high cost. Its best to talk thru what’s important to drill down on the best solution that gives you the display, the access, and the security your after.

Yes, in most cases you’re glass display case or plexiglass display case will have LED lighting that requires power to run.

We do carry Lithium battery packs that can be used to power the LED lighting when regular power is not possible or very costly.

Talk with us to discuss pro’s and cons. We may have some ideas to help you determine the best way to resolve for the least cost and hassle.

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