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Staffing your booth properly can be one of the best opportunities to outshine the competition and connect with more prospects on the show floor. A smaller booth with great staff will be more effective on the show floor than a larger booth with staff that’s not skilled in greeting and welcoming attendees. We can point you in the right direction to people you can trust in provide good people and great Booth Staffing Services.

Consider the size of your space, where in your booth you plan to meet and talk, the attendee traffic you hope to have, and finally the roles your staff will play in the greeting and educating of the attendees you expect to reach.

If you don’t already have the right “greet and welcome” people on your team then hire them from a reputable talent agency. With a little screening and training these Booth Ambassadors can help attract more prospects to your booth and occupy your guests while waiting to speak with key people.

Consider selecting one with language skills to help communicate with international attendees. We’re not just talking about booth models. We’re talking attractive, smart, kind professionals with personality, sales training, and many other skills.

Local Booth Staffing Services

We recommend you talk with Sid Simone, owner of Simone Staffing. Sid has many years of experience on the show floor and has developed a booth staffing program and network of talent that you will appreciate.

Sid will help match you to one of her Ambassadors. She studies your company, builds a training manual, and requires your talent to study and pass the test before your event. This is a strong refreshing approach to hiring local booth staff to help greet and assist clients and prospects.

  • Attracting Attendees
  • Greeting Attendees
  • Occupying Attendees
  • Translating to Attendees

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Ask Us a Question


    No, this is why you would work with a modeling or talent agency in the city your tradeshow will be held.

    This is easier in larger cities, especially ones that are major tradeshow destinations like Las Vegas.

    However most medium to larger cities across America have talent agencies where you can talk with the company, tell them what you’re looking for and they can give you a few model choices and quote.

    Typically in this arrangement the model you’ve selected meet you in the lobby of the event at one hour before the event opens.

    And she leaves clocking out at the end of the event. Typically you’re not charged for local travel time or travel costs.

    Yes this is done regularly. You would be responsible for providing the uniform whether it’s just a hat or a polo shirt or in many cases it might be a sporty outfit.

    You will want to make sure the model is comfortable in the uniform and it’s best to send it to them ahead so they can try it on and make sure it fits and make sure it’s not offensive to them.

    The most important thing is that the model has a positive energetic attitude in your booth space and you do not want a poor choice in uniform to affect their performance.

    Yes this is possible. Like anything the more specific your requirement the more advanced preparation you want to make.

    If you’re looking for a booth staff that will greet attendees and be able to speak for example Chinese and English then you may need to be shopping this criteria with more than one talent agency in that local market. If for example you also want that model to speak Russian then the pool of models that are available and have the skill set may be very difficult to find.

    If it’s important for you then consider broadening your search to other cities nearby and offering to pay travel and hotel costs to get the right person.

    This is entirely up to you and we have seen this done very successfully.

    If for example the model acts like a newer employees in and administrative role then it will be understandable that she has only basic knowledge of the products and services but should be able to tell you who of the company booth staff you should be talking too.

    In many cases booth staff is hired to help draw people into the booth space, but also to occupy them with friendly conversation while a senior company booth staffer becomes available.

    For companies that are really organized it would be worth your effort to create a document, sort of like quick facts, that you can send ahead for your booth model to study so that you’re both more comfortable acting like the model is part of the team.

    Quick two minute video.