Trade Show Counters make a World of Difference.

We know trade show counters are important. They provide a workspace, a storage space and additional graphic space. Far too often counter style and their contribution to the trade show design is overlooked.

This is especially true with exhibitors on a budget. We’re specialists in trade show counters and ready to help you get better trade show counters for less money.

Trade Show Counter Details do Matter:

We assert that having good trade show counters are your best opportunity to improve even the most basic trade show booth. Subtle differences influence the perception of your booth and company. The height of the trade show counter is one difference that will stand out once its on the show floor with competitors counters all around. Surprisingly, the thickness of the counter top is another difference that contributes to the overall look and feel of your trade show booth.

We specialize in trade show counters for rent. All our rental counters have locking storage and internal shelving and options to bring power to computers or other devices on the countertop. All of our trade show counters feature thick custom looking counter tops, inset doors with tight corners and seams. Our standard trade show counter height is 40” tall, but in many cases we do make customized shorter counters to meet a specific need.
To have counter options in every price point we’ve developed two types of rental counters. Custom wood and our unique modular trade show counters.
Our custom wood trade show counters are large elegant sweeping counters These are well built counters with inset locking doors and internal storage shelves. These counters have a gentle weeping curve to their shape. They don’t break down for packing. They ship in large sections which assemble onsite. They are a great option when looking custom outweighs saving money.

We have another unique line of rental counters that do break down for shipping. We have these also in large sweeping counters as well as many smaller sizes. At first glance you wouldn’t notice they are different. It requires close inspection to notice our modular counters have a internal aluminum frame with a satin Sintra finish.
Both counters can be branded with a front printed Sintra panel. Our modular counters can easily be branded with printed Sintra on all sides, including the inset doors.

Trade Show Counter Types:

We also have a few types of counters. We have counters designed to mount against a wall – we call these Backwall Counters. These are keyboard counters and credenzas that provide the added benefit of adding stability to the attached wall. We have counters with countertops that overhang the base and counters where the top and sides are flush, we call these our Euro style counters.

We’re feel strongly about trade show counters and if you have a special need, please let us know. There’s a chance we’ve done it before and can easily do for you. Scroll below to browse our standard rental trade show counters – priced to help you stay within budget. We also recommend you browse our priced rental design ideas, filtered to show you only rental design ideas with trade show counters. There will be many since trade show counters are very common but you have the option to drill down further by size and budget.

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Bright white is our standard counter color. For most counters the the top is wood with white high pressure laminate. For most of our counters the base panels are white and can be printed front, sides and back.

If you prefer a custom counter, tell us what your looking and we’ll give you a price and drawing. If its something we can add to our rental inventory we will give you a rental price. If not, we’ll give you a purchase price for your custom counter.

Yes, most all of our counters include a internal shelf, mid why up the the 40″ height of the counter. These shelves cannot be adjusted but can be removed if you prefer. Consider what you will be storing and the size of he door opening with the shelf. Sometimes the space is better utilized without the internal shelf.

There are 2 kinds of custom counters. The first is the most common. Most clients looking for a custom rental counter can about the counters size and function. They may want a specific size top or storage compartments.

In this option we try to develop a custom counter than will fit our design style while giving the custom features our client requires. This is still a rental counter and not priced as a purchased counter. Many of our custom counters started this way. It allows us to give custom features and also grow our rental counter inventory.

The second option is a custom counter that is very specific to our clients needs. This might be one even built to our clients exact drawing or specifications. In this example this custom counter would be a purchased item, its price would be retain and we would likely need to plan to include a dedicated shipping container so that this counter can be shipped back to the our clients warehouse – or stored for a storage fee.

Purchased counters would appear under the purchased graphics section of your invoice and sales tax applied. Overall you can see why this is not common. A client needs to really want the custom counter to choose this more costly direction. Still, a custom counter may me a small important addition to a larger great looking rental booth.

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