Bright Amazing LED Video Walls for Trade Shows.

LED Video walls are an amazing design element for exhibit designers and marketers to attract attention and deliver a message on the show floor. With innovations in LED technology nearly every exhibitor can now afford an LED video wall for trade shows, conferences or any meeting event.

We know more than just the video wall, We know how to integrate video walls into great looking trade show rental booths and provide the tech support to run video content. We’re specialists in LED video walls for trade shows and we’re ready to help you get more LED video walls for less money.

LED Video Wall Panels:

Every video wall consists of video tiles, connected to a processor, connected to a laptop. The laptop plays the video, the processor, displays the image on the video wall and the tiles deliver a bright video image with an ideal viewing distance of 8 feet. Tile resolution ( or bulb size ) is improving from larger P5 to P2.9 and currently much smaller to P1.8. Smaller bulbs improves both, how the wall looks from a distance, and also close up in smaller booth spaces.

Never before have exhibitors been able to so effectively deliver their message from a distance, even in smaller booths. As a result, we see more exhibitors want to rent a massive LED display as the focal point in their booth space, whether suspended from the ceiling or integrated into a wall or tower.

Visible from across the Trade Show Floor:

The exceptional brightness of LED walls makes them highly visible from a distance creating a vibrant image that is hard to miss. We have the rental inventory and experience to develop an effective video wall rental booth solution to help you stand out and make great use of your booth space.

Remember, nothing draws a crowd like an LED video wall in your booth. Our LED video wall rental Las Vegas specialists and content developers can help make your booth one that attendees won’t soon forget. An LED video wall display with light, motion, and sound creates a memorable digital signage experience.

Wondering how to make a video wall in your next trade show exhibit using our local LED screen rentals? It’s easy and we invite you to browse our LED Video Wall Design Ideas below to see fresh ideas that may catch your eye. Or, talk with an expert and let us help you determine which type of LED Video Wall package will work best for your needs. One way or the other we can integrate a bright effective LED video wall into your existing booth, or into a new trade show booth display your working to develop. We can deliver, install and provide the technical support required to insure your digital content runs smooth for all hours of the event. Consider Exhibit People for Video Wall Rentals in Las Vegas and Orlando.

Video walls absolutely attract attention like a moth to a light bulb! Because of this, video walls have long been popular for decades but due to cost they  have remained out of reach for most exhibitors. Older LCD video walls versions, were costly, heavy and typically limited to the largest custom booths. Today’s LED video walls are simply refined versions of yesterdays digital signage.

This new breed of video wall is made of locking LED tiles covered with hundreds of small LED bulbs mounted and evenly spaced. These tiles join to create larger seamless video walls and with perfectly square cabinets and innovative mounting making video walls easy to integrate into any size rental booth design. Now, LED video walls can be ground supported from behind or suspended from truss anchored from the convention center ceiling.

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This is the advantage of working with a experienced trade show rental company over an AV company. We know both LED Video walls and trade show booths. We have years of experience designing custom trade show rental booths with stages and audience presentation areas.

In doing this we’ve worked with many LED Video wall tiles and learned the best most economical way to support, mount or hang LED Video walls. We’ve seem many solution’s on the show floor, but the best overall solution is one that provides ample safe support with minimal materials and labor to install.

This is only accomplished by a company that knows both their LED tiles and their booth materials intimately, in the warehouse and on the show floor.

We’re passionate about rental booths and we have grown to love integrating LED Video Walls. We have our own LED tile inventory and our own rental materials inventory which allows us to offer more LED Video wall rental Las Vegas booth for less money.

Ground Supported LED Video Walls:

The cheapest and easiest way to build a LED video wall in your booth space is to build it directly from the ground up with no structure under the video wall other than your flooring. The floor is plenty strong to support the weight so the install only needs to support the LED Video wall from falling forwards or backwards. This is easily done fastening supports to the factory LED tile holes and adding weight for ballast.

With this option, booth structure can join up to the video wall sides, concealing the support structure.

Embedded LED Video Walls:

The next option for integrating an LED Video Wall into your booth design is called Embedded. Simply put, for this option a window opening in the booth structure is made to fit the exact size of the video wall thus elevating the video wall above the ground and giving it a more custom look. This is more common in larger island booths and only requires that the structure below the video wall be robust to handle the weight of the video wall. Consider that one tile weighs 22 pounds. If your wall has 50 LED tiles, then its total weight will be approx 1200 pounds if we factor some weight for the data and power cables. This amount of weight requires booth wall structure that is level, flat and able to handle 2000 pounds. This is not difficult but does require more materials and labor to complete the install.

Hanging LED Video Walls:

This last option for integrating LED Video Walls into your trade show booth design is to simply hang the video wall above your booth space as a suspended digital sign. This is actually one of the easiest and in fact the way LED tiles were developed to install.

Standard lighting box truss is suspended from the venue ceiling using electric motors that can raise or lower and level the truss. From the truss cables connect to a “hang bar” supplied by the LED Video Wall manufacturer. LED tiles easily connect to this hang bar and one tile at a time, from top to bottom a hanging video wall is built. The ends or back can be finished off or left exposed as many are.

Hanging is the third option because of the union costs involved. Many venues require us to use their box truss and hire their stagehands and electrician for the install while our more experienced team serves as working supervisors. Coordinating the electrical drop from the ceiling, and the motor and truss installation as well as the video wall assembly takes more people and time which can easily double the costs.

Most LED video walls will loop a 1-2 minute video. Regardless of what software made the video the final output is typically MP4. Any MP4 will play on your LED Video wall. However like anything graphic, the better the source content the better the final video will look. Its important to build the video the the exact height and width of your video wall with a normal refresh rate.

Freelance Designers:

Just like with graphic design, there is a field of design for video which is called video production. You can easily find skilled creative people online of locally, we recommend Upwork, Freelance and Fiverr to name a few websites that connect creative designers with clients like you and me.

As with graphic design there are a few software’s that dominate in video production. It depends on what content will be in your video. For example, if your producing a video on a new iPhone battery pack, then your looking for a designer experienced in 3D modeling and animation. Cinema 4D and Blender are two powerful well known software’s used for 3D modeling and animations. Often these designers build the animation in first then import into another software for the background and text. After Effects is dominant in this arena.

If you are Ford, needing a new video to show off a new truck, you will be looking for a designer experienced in editing and working with location or studio footage. Ford would hire a film crew and the video producers would touch up the footage in a program like Premiere then import in to a program like After Effects to add logos, text, voice over and background music. There are designers and small production companies that can help you through any step in this process.

We are constantly working to improve our skills and contacts for content creation. When your ready, talk with us to see if we can connect you with creative skill well suited for your project.

Not to worry about this. All LED Video Wall rental Las Vegas come with an onsite AV technician that is there for the entire show. In most cases our AV tech will turn off your video wall each night and turn it on again each morning. During the show they will be close at hand in case anything happens. Issues are rare but when they occur your AV techs job is to get your LED video wall back up and running pronto.

For best results you will want to resize your video to fit your LED video wall exactly. This will eliminate any stretching or pinching that will happen. Often stretching and pinching are hard to notice, and the loss of quality is minimal but it seems this becomes most noticeable when logos are part of the video. Most clients quickly notice if their logo doesn’t look right.

Overall if your video is high quality and close in height and width of your video wall then its likely you will be happy with how it looks on your LED video wall. With this in mind, its not difficult to crop or resize a video to fit exact. If you can send us a copy of your video we can quickly tell you if we feel there will be any noticeable loss of video quality.

Keep in mind that your LED Video wall will never look as clear as your home LCD/LED TV. They are made differently. LED video walls are intended to be large and viewed from a distance for best effect. If we could stretch your home tv taller and wider you would end up with a similar looking image as a LED video wall provides. When these screens get larger the pixels ( bulbs) are larger and the space between them larger. When larger both bulbs and space between are more noticeable to the eye.

The best use of a LED video wall will be one that keeps bold elements in motion, text large and bold – all enhanced with complimentary background audio. Things to avoid will be small text, especially small text that doesn’t move across the screen. Also, we recommend avoiding while backgrounds. The bright white can be hash and it shows every detail including the subtle seams between the LED tiles.

Yes, all that is required is a video camera and output cable from the camera to the Laptop or Video Controller.

We’ve had clients provide both and we take it from there. In one project our client wanted to show a live eyelash application enlarged on the video wall.

Our preference is to test in our warehouse before shipping to make sure there are no compatibility issues, which helps if you can send us the camera you plan to use. We also need to make sure the cable is long enough and the port compatible.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will want to make sure your video wall height and width matches the aspect ratio of your video camera. Sometime you can adjust this in the camera settings, and also its possible to have the image that comes in stretched to fill the screen.  This is something we will want to investigate and test to make sure your streaming works as planned.

There is a good rule of thumb for this. Plan on 150 watts for each LED tile. If you have 100 LED tiles in your LED video wall then you will need a minimum of 15,000 watts.

If you will be ordering watts then you would plan on ordering 10 1500 extension cords the back center of your video wall. For most shows they use extension cables rated for a maximum of 1500 watts. By ordering extension cables you avoid bulky cables and junction boxes. However some situations its better to have a distribution box, so let us talk with the show and help determine what will work best for the lowest cost.

When ordering LED video wall power, don’t forget to plan power for the Laptop, Controller and any Speaker setup that’s involved. The Laptop and Computer needs 500 watts. If you include our mixer with (2) 150watt speakers you’ll want to plan for another 500 watts just for your audio.

This depends on what city and what building we’re working in.

As of late 2020 in Las Vegas most venues do require that we order Stagehand(s) for video wall assembly and cabling. This is true for pretty much any heavily unionized trade show cities such as San Francisco, New York and Chicago.

However, if your show is in Orlando the rules are much more relaxed and we have assembled and installed many video walls there at the OCCC convention center.

Bottom line is that these rules are in flux as LED video walls are still fairly new and the technology is changing rapidly. Its an easy phone call to find out what we will need to plan for. We only need to know the show name and your booth number and we can get a firm answer.

Today 1.8 is the lowest ( or best ) available resolution. This means a single LEV video wall tile has many more smaller LED bulbs. The bulbs are smaller and the black space between bulbs is also smaller making the image sharper and more fluid looking.

This best resolution is available for your video wall but keep in mind it can cost 2x that of the 2.6 resolution.

The reason for the big cost difference is that the smaller bulbs are harder to make, harder to mount and much more fragile. If it important that you have this level of resolution then a P1.8 tile resolution will be better and likely worth the difference. We can quote you both ways for you to make your decision accordingly.

If you’re video has audio sound ( most do ) then you will want to choose the audio package that works best for the least cost.

The right audio solution will depend on hat you need the sound to do. If your video has background music then our JBL wireless speakers will give a nice lower volume sound audible within 12 feet of the video wall. These are smaller unobtrusive speakers.

If however your video has people talking, and that talking you want your audience to hear, you will want a audio system that projects with more volume. You will needing a high wattage speaker system that can deliver the video wall audio louder without loosing clarity. Our mixer/speaker package will provide this crisp loud volume, while adding only 1000 watts to your order.

Our speakers are not wireless and are not as small but they also don’t look out of place placed on the floor in front of your LED video wall rental Las Vegas. They are the right solution when your is an important part of your video presentation.

Keep in mind that most shows have rules about audio levels. In general the rule is that sound coming from your booth cannot disrupt the activity in your neighbors booth. So if your wanting your audio to draw attendees from across the show hall, think again. Your neighbor needs only to complain to the show and you will be asked to turn your volume down.

Quick two minute video.

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