Premium Trade Show Hanging Signs that don't look Cheap.

Absolutely nothing gives tremendous trade show floor visibility quite like an overhead hanging sign, especially a massive custom trade show hanging sign. From across the show floor you get noticed, and from across the aisle you look massive. A large dye sublimated fabric image above your booth lets you do more overhead so your booth can remain open and inviting.

There is a reason most island booth exhibitors prefer to fill the air space with overhead signs. We’re specialists in trade show hanging signs, and we’re ready to help you get better trade show hanging signs for less money.

Only Premium Hanging Signs:

We specialize in designing impressive custom trade show hanging signs to compliment the custom trade show rental booths we create. Whether your design calls for a square, round, flat or custom shape we’ll lead you in the right direction to get the sign you want while avoiding the unnecessary installation costs you don’t want.

To save money, we can rent the sign frame to go with the custom printed sign cover we make for you. The printed hanging sign cover will be yours and after the maiden trade show debut we will gladly store it free of charge to save money on your rental booth the next show.

Size does matter on the show floor, and we think it’s generally better to go large overhead and let your logo or message make the statement. Large format dye sublimation printing can give you an impressive seamless printed fabric panel up to 16 feet wide.

Larger trade show booth hanging signs do need stronger frames and better engineering. Important topics to consider when working to make a large lightweight sign structure perform under tightly stretched printed tension fabric while holding its shape suspended from the fewest rigging hang points.

You will see why our hanging sign frames are preferred by Rigging crews on the show floor. This results in fewer union labor hours, a substantial savings that can quickly equal your sign cost after only a few trade shows.

Why our signs are better:

Our commitment to hanging sign quality begins with the materials and engineering of our sign frame, and continues through the proper selection of sign fabric and finally to the quality of printing and sewing of our overhead signs.
Thicker sign frame tubing with welded sign corners allow our trade show hanging signs to hold their shape. Computer welded corners provide extra strength and rigidity, especially with custom shapes. On the technical side, Blending larger and smaller frame tubing gives us more options to create custom looking trade show hanging signs. Structure and support bars that won’t push against the tension fabric – especially important if the sign has any curve to it.
Not all fabrics work well on a tension fabric sign, especially a custom shape. Your best option is a polyester fabric that has some stretch, accepts printing well and is opaque to block out any light from behind. The ideal overhead hanging sign doesn’t look like fabric stretched on an aluminum frame, its construction should be a mystery. With a quality hanging sign, your audience will see what you intend, your message.

To save money, print only one surface – we have a selection of nearly 30 solid polyester colors to apply to the second surface. Or, when impact outweighs saving a few dollars, print every surface.

To help you explore the option hanging sign options we offer, we invite you to browse our priced ideas of trade show hanging signs. You can filter in the priced design ideas to view only design ideas with overhead hanging signs.
If your considering a complete rental booth display that includes a overhead hanging sign, then you need only tell us what you like and we will take it from there. We’ll generate drawings and quote based on your hanging sign needs and wants.

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855 Fabric – 456" x 216" x 72"
851 Fabric – 208" x 208" x 72"
865 / 883 Fabric – 324" x 180" / 108" D.
872 Fabric – 371" x 92"
887 Fabric – 176" x 298"
853 Fabric – 220" x 46" x 72"
884 Fabric – 144" D. x 72"
888 Fabric – 93" x 159"
889 Fabric – 234" x 146"
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Thicker sign frame tubing is stronger. Larger extruded aluminum tube is more resistant to flex. Larger Aluminum tube allows for stronger connections and corners. With a stronger frame, your sign will be more level, straight and look less like a flimsy tent.

The printed fabric cover won’t be able to flex or deform the frame. Another benefit to using larger frame tube is that you can use smaller diameter tube for the vertical supports. The benefit of this is that smaller vertical supports cannot be seen thru the fabric. Also the greater distance makes it harder for light to pass thru.

A third benefit may be the most important. With a more rigid frame, less hang points will be required to hang the sign. Fewer hang points means few hang wires above the sign and less rigging cost to hang your sign. Ask any Rigger and he will tell you cheap signs always cost more to hang.

So, resisting flex and hiding frame components and minimizing hang points are the primary reasons for a thicker hanging sign frame. For us, the thicker sign looks more substantial and custom and that benefit alone is worth additional cost.


Yes, it can double the cost to print both sides of a sign. As an alternative we offer 30 standard solid polyester colors for your signs second surface. Often one of these 30 colors can compliments a companies corporate colors.

If not there are white, black and greys that can be used to compliment your rental booth design.

Yes we can add a motor to your order than installs between the rigging cable and the sign harness. This is a small motor with 2 speed settings.

Keep in mind that the motor will require power dropped from the ceiling with the rigging cable, which can be costly. We’re happy to help you locate the power drop price in your Exhibitor Show Manual.

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