Accessories that Provide Proven Form and Function.

In order to maximize your booth space there are a few booth accessories proven to help you add subtle touch of light, or a well placed pocket for brochures. If you produce a product or provide giveaways, you may need one of these accessories to provide proper organizing, mounting, lighting or connectivity.

Giveaways Ideas:

Trade shows have a long tradition with Swag – free giveaways designed to attract attendees, show appreciation for attendee time and help attendees remember the booths they visited long after the event. Today with increased safety, there are a whole new set of giveaway items that you may want store for quick easy giveaway. Lets discuss your options to determine how we can help you meet this part of your trade show marketing strategy.

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Stem lighting is an option but not the default. Most shows offer ceiling mounted LED and Parcan lights. These ceiling mounted lights deliver a nice bright wash of light over your booth. We feel this is a better way to light most booths. Stem lights are a good alternative, but we feel stem lighting makes a booth look less custom. In addition, stem lighting cant delver the even wash of lighting the ceiling lights can.

Some clients opt to have both so that the lighting highlights can be added to the back wall without having to also light the entire back wall. The best time to evaluate your lighting options is when your close to finalizing your rental booth design. At this time it;s good to consider the booth location on the show floor, as well as your graphics and opportunities for adding stem lights in a way that enhances the design. It will become obvious which lighting will be best.

It’s worth noting that shows decide how bright to have the show hall lighting, full or half lighting. Some shows prefer a darker show floor to allow exhibitor back-lit graphics and TV’s to stands out. This is particularly true if the show has invested in overhead signage and LED video walls in common areas of the show floor.

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