Stand Out with Trendy Trade Show Flooring.

Your trade show flooring will likely be the largest single design element of your booth. Larger than any one graphic or sign, your trade show flooring choice has tremendous impact on the overall look of your booth.

We want to help you select the right flooring to compliment your booth, graphics and identity. We’re specialists in trade show flooring rental and ready to help you get the right trade show flooring for less.

Modern hip flooring options:

While looks are important, so is function and value. Most attendees agree a plush trade show carpet with good trade show carpet padding feels the best for tired feet. Tired feet will be happy to stay longer standing on your comfortable plush carpet flooring.

Trade show wood flooring, can be real wood planks, but is typically rolled vinyl flooring. This hugely popular flooring can be installed over a dense padding, to hide imperfections in the floor below, and provide additional anti-fatigue comfort.

For a good economical alternative designed as a portable trade show flooring, interlocking tiles solid color and printed with wood pattern can be a super way to get the look you want for less money.

We carry a wide selection of trade show flooring options, including trade show carpet, trade show wood flooring in roll form, and interlocking tiles – all in a variety of standard colors and patterns. We’ll help you choose which the right flooring solutions for you.

Padding for more than just comfort:

The key idea is trade show carpet padding. For US trade shows, most exhibit builders use padding to hide electrician power cords under your flooring. Your Electrical cords are the first to get installed, then your carpet padding, and lastly your flooring.

If you eliminate the padding you will see bumps revealing the wires. These bumps will look worse over the course of the show. Fortunately we do it a bit differently, we cut channels to allow the cords to sit below the padding. This requires more skill and time but to us, this is a necessary step in a job well done.

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Yes, the most common way of providing extra padding is to provide double padding. This gives you one inch of under padding. More than this may cause your carpet to ripple oddly around counters towers and walls.

Padding is priced by the square foot so we can easily quote double padding as a separate line item that includes delivery and installation in the line item for you to easily evaluate.

Yes they are, but strangely you will only notice the seams if you’re looking for them. Tile seams are more obvious in lighter patterns that darker and for this reason many choose darker patterns. Rolled vinyl flooring is certainly better looking but interlocking tile flooring in most cases can do the job very well and save you lots of money in shipping, material handling and install labor.

We are fan of Interlocking tiles as their cost benefits justify keeping them in our rental offering. Keep in mind there are different types of interlocking tiles. The ones we carry in our rental inventory have a hard embossed printed surface that really looks good. Our tiles also have beveled edges which give a great finished look.

There are EVA foam tiles that are direct printed with a wood pattern that seem good but do not have the embossed hard surface and do not have the beveled edge. These puncture under heels and scuff easily. These are common and can be a great option for many exhibitors which is why we offer these as well but we explain the pros and cons and consider them one time use flooring.

Yes, many clients prefer a hard floor over padded carpet. The best way to give a flat hard floor is to start with a wood sub-floor. This is the common approach for rental stands outside the US. The primary reason for a raised floor is to give you space below the sub-floor to run power and data cables.

Our sub-floors sit 1.5 inches above the cement venue floor. We finish the four edges of the raised floor with an aluminum L channel.

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