Show Service Orders

About 30% of your trade show investment will go toward show services. It’s a good idea to minimize these costs where possible, and the best way is to submit orders before the Advance Pricing discount deadlines.

Three things typically have the most impact on your service costs: Material Handling fees to unload freight and store empty crates, Rigging fees to assemble and hang a sign from the venue ceiling, Electrical fees for the

power your booth needs and the Electrician labor required to distribute the power within your booth space.

We are skilled at managing these details to ensure your service orders are placed accurately and on time to get you advance pricing discounts. More than this, your Project Manager determines the a href=””>labor and materials needed to get the correct amount of service without waste or unnecessary overtime fees.

Renting from Exhibit People comes with Project Management

Choosing to rent your trade show display comes with many advantages. When you rent from Exhibit People, we work closely with you to complete the show service orders, or we’ll complete them for you on your behalf, whichever you prefer. When you want us to handle the paperwork we add a very small 10% service charge for our efforts. You give us your online ordering access info and we take it from there.

It’s in both our interest to place these orders on time and accurately to ensure services are performed as planned during install.

  • Electrical orders and drawings
  • Rigging orders and drawings
  • Material Handling and Methods of Payment forms
  • EAC and Third Party Payment forms

Key Features

key feature
We study the location to insure we are providing the best booth orientation of your display on the booth space.
key feature
We provide Electrical Layouts to submit with the service orders.
key feature
We supervise the services and review the final invoice for accuracy
Ask Us a Question

Ask Us a Question


    Most shows publish an Exhibitor Service Manual (ESM) or web pages with forms that can be filled out online. Keep in mind that this comes from the General Contractor such as Freeman or GES. The shows website should provide a link to exhibitor resources and the show should also give you a username and password to access your portal once you’ve paid for your booth space.

    We find its easiest to find the Exhibitor Services phone number and call and get help locating these forms and the deadline dates and checklist. Most General contractors handle these calls perfectly and can quickly help you find or get everything you need so you don’t miss Advance Pricing Deadlines.

    As a tip: For many shows this info is hard to locate. When this info is not easy to find on the show website we check Freeman and GES website to see if they have the show listed. Both provide a quick search to see if the show is in their schedule. If it is the Show Service ordering is easy to locate from there.

    We are happy to help you locate this information. In fact we are happy to call the show, get the order forms and help you complete them. This allows us to insure these orders are properly placed and the services properly scheduled so that we can have a smooth install.

    We have a good option for our clients that prefer to avoid giving the show their credit card. This is especially true for international exhibitors.

    For a 10% surcharge we will place all your service orders using our credit card and add the final charge to your balance due Exhibit People invoice after the show has concluded. The benefit of this is that we are more involved to scrutinize the charges and make sure they are accurate before the show ends. We are also more involved to make sure nothing holds up the performance of the service.

    Shows are an amazing flurry of activity and its common that mistakes are made in charges and interpreting service orders. Our experience allows us to watch for these issues that cause delays that result in higher show service costs.

    Quick two minute video.