Renting from Exhibit People – FAQ’s

FAQ 1 – What if I need a different trade show rental design than the designs shown?

This happens often, we would recommend you browse our rental booth design ideas to find portions of booths or design elements you do like, such as a hanging sign, the reception area or LED video wall. Then elaborate from there to give us an idea of what you envision. We will get back to you with a few questions to clarify before we dive in on a rental booth design solution for you. Keep in mind, you can also browse our portfolio of past rental projects as another resource to find and comment on design ideas.

FAQ 2 – What if I already have a competitor’s rental design?

If you already have a competitor’s rental design, and for some reason, they didn’t meet all your needs, then you’re welcome to send us that design with an explanation of what you liked and didn’t like about the competitor design. We avoid copying competitors’ rental designs for ethical and legal reasons, however, we are open to translating any design into a functionally equivalent Exhibit People rental design solution.

FAQ 3 – What if I don’t like the rental design you propose?

This happens. We may misinterpret your goals or lack some understanding of your company related to your competitors. Typically, our initial rental design concept is intended to get us started in the right direction, to open a dialogue, and work toward a design concept you love. If you don’t like the design we developed for you, it’s no problem, we’ll try again. We welcome your feedback and criticisms so that we can revise from there.

FAQ 4 – What if my show isn’t in Las Vegas?

We are rental specialists and we know to focus on efficient rental designs that stand out while also minimizing shipping, material handling and labor costs. We personally install every booth we rent, anywhere. This allows us to compete effectively across the county. Freight costs are easily offset with efficient design, packing and installation.

FAQ 5 – What if we want to buy after renting?

You can, and on occasion clients want to own after renting one of our rental booths and seeing how well they go together. Talk with us for an honest assessment on rent vs buying based on the shows you participate in and how fast things change in your industry. It’s usually clear which way is best for you.

FAQ 6 – What if we want to rent a design more than once?

Renting a design more than once is the best way to increase the value of renting. Your rental booth’s graphics will be one of the largest costs involved. When you rent the same booth design and reuse your graphics, you spread the rental cost over more shows and reduce your per-show rental price. We gladly store our client’s graphics for free. Often clients will evaluate their graphics before an upcoming trade show and change a few of them to update their design and promote what’s new for the coming show.

FAQ 7 – What if we want to refer friends and colleagues to you?

For sure! We would love to help your friends look great at their next trade show. But please, let us first perform for you!

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