Graphics Storage

Free graphic storage may seem underwhelming, but free graphic storage for rental clients can be a big deal. Your graphics amount to a major portion of your rental investment. To get the most value from renting, it’s a good idea to use the graphics you own for as many shows as possible.

By offering to store your graphics for free, we give you the comfort of knowing they’re safe and the time to decide if you will reuse them. Most of our repeat rental clients reuse some portion of their graphics, and only order new ones when it suits their needs.

Typically clients use graphics for 2-3 years, which seems to be the right amount of repetition. After that it’s usually time for a change to refresh their look.

Changing every year may be too often in terms of cost, and familiarity with last years booth can be a positive thing for returning attendees. They expect that much of what you do stays the same, but appreciate when some things are new.

We store your Booth Graphics Free of Charge

We want to help you save money in every way possible. That’s why we offer to store your booth’s graphics in our graphics storage until your next show free of charge. If you want to change your graphics come showtime, that’s always an option. But the more graphics that we can reuse from show to show, the less money you spend on new graphics. Contact us to find out more about storing your booths graphics with us.

  • Store Your Graphics and Your Booth in the Same Place
  • Graphics Stay Safe and Reusable
  • You Save Money!

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