Smart Furniture Rental for a Well Dressed Booth.

Like any good accessory, the ideal trade show furniture rental will have a big influence on the overall look and feel of your booth display. Modern, edgy, plush or sophisticated, the trade show rental furniture you choose with speak volumes.

Modern Hip Furniture:

Fortunately, there are many great options for in trade show booth furniture rental, from basic tables and chairs to plush lounge areas. The furniture in your booth says a lot about your exhibit design, and, consequently, your company; nice looking furniture can complement the booth design in an unexpected away, making your company look that much better.

Remember, comfort is also a factor to be considered when you rent furniture, both for attendees and employees. Overall, you’ll want your trade show furniture to get used, so a little effort to make sure you have the right furniture and ample space for it might make a noticeable difference.

Trade show booth rental furniture is one of the rental products we carry in our effort to provide complete rental solutions. We have different bar height stools to choose from as well as numerous leather lounge chairs in our Las Vegas rental inventory.

Proven Furniture Solutions:

For us these are proven solutions that complement the rental designs we create. Today however, there are many chair and stool options easily found on Amazon, Overstock or Way-fair. This increases your possibilities greatly.

We invite you to browse the trade show furniture options we offer to see options and pricing. We also suggest you browse our design idea library for more trade show furniture ideas. You’re able to filter to show only designs with rental furniture for trade show booth, but since most rental designs include some furniture the results will be more than a few. In any case happy browsing and when ready lets talk about your rental options.
If your located in Las Vegas and planning special events, talk with us about free local delivery. We do more than just trade shows!

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Yes for lounge furniture all our options are real leather. We have club chairs in black and white leather. There are many leather club chair and sofa options in the market, so if you see lounge furniture on Amazon, Overstock or Wayfair you like better let us know. Furniture is an easy way to customize your rental display booth, and new styles become available often.

Our stools and stack chairs are however are Faux leather. Real leather is less common on these items and many more options are available at good prices in faux leather stools and chairs.

Yes of course. There are may avenues to order low cost furniture that can be delivered to your booth space. This happens often for furniture purchased at IKEA or on Amazon or other furniture.

If you choose this route then plan either to hire our team to do the furniture assembly or to have your team arrive after install to unpack and assembly your new furniture. Do your homework so that you receive furniture you will like. Let us know what you want to do with your furniture after the show. Sometimes leaving it as trash makes the most sense as disassembly and repacking can be costly.

The honest answer is that we prefer lounge chair sets to sofa sets. We find that Sofa sets provide seating for 4 people as do lounge chair sets. Its our opinion that lounge chair sets are more versatile and simply look better than sofa sets.

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