Computer Demo Stations that fit your Style.

With the boom in high quality websites and all kinds of other video content, it’s rare when exhibitors don’t want some kind of computer demo station for one on one presentation of digital content.

Video content is an integral part of trade show exhibit design and its hear to stay. Fortunately demo stations have always been one of our strengths. Today we have many great options in trade show computer kiosks demo stations for trade show booths.

Big advancements in how we mount keyboard counters to backwalls and in how we mount TV’s to backwalls, give us more options in smaller and larger computer demo stations to suit every design. Demo stations with keyboard counters to stand at, and demo stations with backwall meeting tables to gather around for a small group sit down presentation.

Samsung Rental TV Inventory:

Speaking of the TV’s that accompany our demo stations. We rent the latest Samsung Smart LED TV’s from 40” to 50” to 55” and larger. Samsung is a trusted name in LED V’s and having only Samsung means that you never have a mismatch of TV’s among your computer demo stations. They all match for a high end custom look and feel.

Like all our counters and pedestals, the keyboard counters in our computer demo stations have a sintra covered base that can be direct printed for a highly custom look.

A word on internet access for your computer demo station. Most shows offer some kind of internet connection for a price. Larger shows usually offer both an expensive hard wired option and a lower cost wireless option. You pay the price and get the username and password for your IP address. Like everything internet this is fast evolving and other options are emerging to help exhibitors avoid the high cost of trade show internet. Start by talking to your cell service provider and see if they are offering proven solution using one of their wireless routers. Many clients will have one wireless router in the booth providing internet signal wireless or CAT5 wired to TV’s and computers in the booth space.

We recommend you browse both the below standard computer demo stations and also click for a filtered search of all design ideas that include computer demo stations.

When your ready, submit add computer demo stations and the rental design ideas that catch your eye to your quote request. Tell us what you like and don’t like and let us develop a custom-tailored rental solution for you that has the computer demo stations that will suit you best.

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Nothing really, these are interchangeable terms.

Kiosks is a term more connected with something you might approach in a mall or airport or store. Workstation is more of a trade show related term describing a freestanding portion of a booth that includes a TV and counter surface.

Both trade show kiosks and trade show workstations need the ability to handle a video monitor and computer as well as hide the wiring needed to run the electronics.

Its our opinion that a 50″ Smart TV should be your smallest option and 55″ should be your largest option. We have smaller Smart TV’s in our inventory as they sometimes are the best option due to space. But for pure viewing pleasure a 50″ TV never seems small and surprisingly a 55″ Smart TV never seems to larger.

Mounting height is just as important. Consider if the viewers will be standing or seated at bar height stools. If seated the TV should be mounted lower. If standing a bit higher. If you will have a small group viewing the demo consider having us mount the TV a bit higher still. This will allow people in the back to see over the people in the front.

Overall the size and location depends on the booth design and the projected audience and often some compromise is involved in the final decision. If money were no object, we’d all have huge booths with plenty of space to solve everything perfectly.

You will have a few options for Internet. Most shows offer both a hard wired ( dedicated IP Address ) and a shared wireless option. The hard wired connection is more costly and include having a CAT5 data cable run to your booth connected to a router. These hard wires will come the same way as power comes to the booth, from a floor plate, or a nearby column or dropped from overhead. Different trade show venues handle this different and we will want to find out by placing a phone call to the show.

The wireless option is easier and cheaper, but slower. Many clients stay away from a shared wireless connection for 2 reasons. They are worried that too many users will slow the flow of data ever everyone. They also worry that there many be too many wireless signals in the show floor air causing disruption in wireless data flow.

Lastly, savvy exhibitors who really understand internet have provided their own wireless routers. Verizon sells commercial wireless routers to their clients. This option requires a strong signal in the booth location, but if the signal is strong, you will have the best of both worlds, less data sharing and lower internet cost. We expect to see this option gaining traction in the next few years.

Yes, its best if you provide your own laptop that will connect to the Demo Station TV. A HDMI cable and simple keystroke is all that’s needed to duplicate content to the Demo Station TV.

Many clients prefer to have their laptop on the keyboard counter of the Demo Station. Others prefer to keep the laptop stowed in the locking cabinet of the keyboard counter and use wireless keyboard and mouse on the keyboard counter top.

Pay attention to your laptops AV port. Only the HDMI port will delver sound and video to the Demo Station TV. Your laptop many have a different port such as a lightning display port on a mac, or a USB C port on a newer Windows PC. These will require a small adapter that plugs onto the end of the HDMI cable, with the other end fitting into your laptops port. We can help identify your AV port and we may also have the correct adapter needed.

Yes of course, keep in mind that our website kiosks are design ideas just to get us talking about needs and wants and likes and dislikes.

We like a design challenge and part of that challenge is figuring how to develop a new look using as many standard rental parts as possible while still hitting the target. Using started rental parts keeps the rental price down.

With that said, if you’re OK with a more costly option we can use more custom and less standard parts and materials to focus entirely on hitting the form and function target.

Yes you can. Many people don’t thing about also using USB extension cords to keep the wireless transmitter closer to the wireless keyboard or mouse.

We find this trick works well and is easy and low cost to implement for people that prefer the clean minimal look of wireless keyboards and wireless mice for their demo stations and meeting tables.

Quick two minute video.

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