Huge Smart Trade Show TV Rental Inventory.

We can’t very well design and build great rental booths without a commitment to high quality LED rental TV’s. Samsung is a recognized leader in quality TV’s and for 8 yeas now Samsung TV’s have been our only Las Vegas TV rental.

The Best Rental TV’s for Trade Shows:

We have a huge inventory of Samsung LED Smart TV’s. Large TVs for main focal points of your booth or even any corporate event. Smaller TVs for computer demo stations. Our Las Vegas TV rental inventory includes 40”, 50” 55” 65” and even 82” 4K Samsung smart TVs. We offer TV stands and secure wall mounts so TVs can be placed anywhere they are needed.
Plus, each Las Vegas TV rental comes with remote and HDMI power cable. When you choose a trade show TV rental included with your booth. No need to coordinate multiple AV vendors, your rental TVs. No wondering if the mounting hardware fits the TV.
Everything is inspected and tested before packing. During the install, when it comes time to mount your trade show rental TV’s, we get it done safely and efficiently without wasting costly union fees.
When choosing the right size Samsung TV, consider where it will go, and where you will stand to view it. 50” TV’s are our preferred size for many smaller computer demo stations, but for many booth designs its better to go a bit bigger up to a 55” TV’s. This allows your rental TVs to also be viewed from the aisle to attract additional interested attendees.

Surprisingly Good TV Options:

Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. For conference rooms we prefer 65” TVs and finally our 82” Samsung rental TV is a surprisingly good option for any size booth as the main focal point. If you have questions ask any one of our Exhibit People customer service specialist
Below you can browse all our Samsung trade show TV rental sizes, see additional views and read product specs. We also suggest you browse our priced rental design ideas, filtered to show booth designs with rental TVs. This is a great place to find ideas if your also considering working with us to design a complete rental display booth that includes trade show TV rentals.

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TV208 Samsung TV – 58"
TV207 Samsung TV – 55"
TV213 Samsung TV – 82"
TV210 Samsung TV – 65"
TV201 Samsung TV – 40"
TV204 Samsung TV – 50"
239 Pocket PC – Media Player
240 JBL Speaker – 12"

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Samsung has a history of making quality LED Smart TV’s. Where other brands substitute materials and reduce quality to meet a price point, Samsung does not. Samsung TV’s cost more because the viewing screens are laminated glass with better sensors, electronics and connectivity ports.

All our wall mount TV’s are Samsung Brand. This insures that all TV’s will match every rental booth we build. In addition,the remotes and power cords work across all Samsung TV’s of a certain generation. This reduces the need to inventory different removes, stands, mounts and hardware.

Overall, we are able to deliver better looking trade show rental booths within an easier to manage inventory system. Better TV’s, less show floor issues installing and connecting.

With every Smart TV rental we provide an HDMI cable for connecting your laptop to our TV. We will make sure we know whether we are providing the media player or your are providing the Laptop.

If we are providing the media player we will make sure to have you send a copy of the content you will be playing so we can preload on the media player and test in our warehouse prior to shipping.

In short, we make sure we have a detailed plan of how we will receive your video content, and what player and cable/adapter will be required to make the connection from your laptop to our rental TV.

We make sure to now the make and model of your laptop since there are different ports on different laptops. In the past most laptops sold included a HDMI port, but this is not the case for Apple products and some Lenevo products. More recently as laptops have become smaller, they are being sold with HDMI C ports which is smaller and easier to use that a standard HDMI connection.

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