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Installing even a simple trade show booth can be challenging. Install time is short, space can be tight and union labor rates are high. A good install plan is needed to coordinate the labor efforts and minimize wasted time from start to finish. Having a good install supervisor who’s experienced on the show floor and familiar with your booth makes all the difference.

Most shows recognize Union Jurisdiction in providing install and dismantle labor. Your options are to order either show laborers or contract with one of the many independent labor companies known as Exhibitor Appointed Contractors. These labor companies typically cost more per hours but also attract the best workers from the local labor force.

Here at Exhibit People, our labor strategy is to send a setup supervisor / labor lead on every rental project and hire experienced laborers from Momentum Management, a leading labor company with competitive labor teams in every trade show city . Our supervisor knows your booth in detail and how it was packed within the shipping cases. They arrive early, verify that all freight is present and under-floor power and data cables have been properly installed.

This key person comes with a plan that begins with installing your flooring, staging your booth and starting the building process. Staying steps ahead of the labor team is key to maximizing their productivity, minimizing the labor costs and coordinating the show services.

We prepare for your Rental Booth Install

The days leading up to show opening can be stressful, especially for those tasked with making final preparations for the show. We see this as our opportunity to demonstrate how renting is also about worry-free execution with setting up install labor.

Of course, you’re welcome in your booth space at any time during installation, but if you have other things to get done, we keep you posted and send you updates as we get started and reach milestones. We are your partner on the show floor and we are there to help you get show-ready, which often involves more than just installing your booth like providing you with install labor support.

  • We know your booth design
  • We know the packing of your booth
  • We minimize labor time
  • We keep your graphics safe

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    Keep in mind rules will differ from show to show and city to city.

    Even different venues within a city will have different rules often due to the attitude of the managers and staff. Southern states are mostly right to work states with more relaxed union rules. In Orlando you can do most anything related to running cords or plugging in equipment to 110volt power. In San Francisco, you they are more strict. In Las Vegas they are somewhere in between.

    If you’re confident in what your doing then we recommend you proceed with a plan to ask forgiveness if stopped, rather than permission before you proceed.

    Here again it depends on the city/venue and how the LED Video Wall is being used. For Example if your video wall is embedded or ground supported at the Orlando Convention Center, you and or your labor team can do the work. If you plan for a hanging video wall suspended from truss with power dropped from the ceiling to your suspended LED Video Wall, then Stagehands will be required to assemble the video wall and Electricians required to run power to the LED Video Wall.

    By Contrast if your doing anything related to a video wall in Las Vegas or San Fransisco union labor will be required. We’ve found at some shows Electricians are used when Stagehands are not available.

    Quick two minute video.