Exhibitor Tips

There are a few key Exhibitor Tips we’d like to share to help you plan better and avoid obstacles that waste time and increase costs. Most of these tips are common knowledge for Exhibit Managers, but there are a few that will help both the newbie and the seasoned veteran alike.

Overall our best advice is to ask plenty of questions, read your exhibitor manual, and double-check everything you do. Trade shows are amazing on how much gets done in so little time. Planning and preparation is the real key to maximizing your trade show budget.

Rent or Buy your Trade Show Display

Which makes most sense for your company

Advantages that come with display rentals If the reality is that your company or small business is not equipped in all of these areas then custom trade show rentals with an experienced rental exhibit builder may be your best option. Renting your trade show booth display  will provide the necessary expertise and resources in these […]

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Planning for Booth Restrictions

How to leverage your booth location

With each new opportunity to participate in an upcoming show, it’s a good practice to first review the booth space guidelines for rules and planning booth restrictions that have been published by show management. This planning for booth restrictions will help you make better booth space selection and use your location to your BEST advantage […]

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Trade Show Material Handling Tips

How we help you minimize material handling costs

Some of the most important material handling tips for trade shows will seem intuitive. But we are surprised by how often these details are missed. Moreover; Our Project Managers know the ins and outs of Exhibitor Service Manuals and are always on the lookout for these 3 important pieces of information. This helps our clients […]

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Trade Show Rigging Tips

How we help you reduce Rigging Costs

Your Trade Show Rigging costs are directly related to the time and number of workers required to assemble and suspend your hanging sign or truss structure. Most shows will provide a rigging crew to accomplish this task. Where possible, riggers will use guide ropes from the ground to assist the aerial team in getting your […]

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Trade Show Electrical Tips

What you can and can't do for yourself

Before you install flooring, ensuring your trade show electrical is placed correctly and in working order. We measure and check electrical placement when we first arrive at the booth space. We test extension cords and outlets before covering with flooring and we unpack and stage all electrical items to minimize any electrician time required during […]

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Ordering Trade Show Services

Tips to insure your service orders are clear and understood

Ordering trade show services is best done systematically referencing the shows checklist of deadlines. This allows you to make certain all forms are completed, submitted and verified. It also helps to catch the small print items like target move-in/move-out dates; clean floor policy, or all-clear date/time after the show. When you rent from Exhibit People […]

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Reducing Trade Show Labor Costs

Tips for minimizing show floor labor expense

Our best strategy for reducing trade show labor costs is to come prepared to the show with an Exhibit People install supervisor. Not only do we know your rental booth design inside and out, we know how it was packed and the most efficient way of staging the materials. We arrive to the show site […]

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Reducing Trade Show Shipping Costs

Extremely common costly mistakes to avoid

At Exhibit People, we’ve adopted a particularly efficient way of packing in layers. This allows us to fill in spaces efficiently and effectively to help minimize freight dimensions and reduce trade show shipping costs. Shipping is another reason why we choose to design and build with lightweight materials. The result is that many of our […]

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Reducing Trade Show Booth Costs

Will that wizzbang really draw more attendees?

Take a look at all the related trade show booth costs. Lighter booths will cost less to transport and accrue less in Material Handling costs charged by the show. This alone can amount to thousands in savings. Keep in mind the chaotic environment of the trade show floor. Subtle booth features can be easily overlooked […]

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