Glass Display Case Rentals

There is no better way to safely display smaller items at a trade show than in a nicely placed and nicely lite glass display case. You want your glass display cases to compliment the form and function of your booth design, and double a display case and a demo counter for your booth staff. Having a variety of plexiglass and glass display case rental options to draw from can be just the ticket!

With bright white internal lighting your product will stand out and shine. Today there are excellent options at different price points for glass display case rental, both stock and custom, both made with glass and clear plexiglass.

Display Cases can be partially or fully enclosed. When enclosed, they can include a locking access to the products on display. On the inside, many Display Cases come with adjustable shelving to accommodate layers of product on display.

With today’s ultra bright LED lighting, showcases can be fully lit with bright white light without bulky fixtures. Most rental glass display cases ship to your booth fully assembled.

Glass Display Cases & Showcases

We specialize in designing and building complete trade show rental solutions. We also focus on great looking glass display case rentals. We are uniquely suited to develop a complete rental solution for you that includes glass display cases from our rental inventory. Depending on your specific budget, the best solution may be glass cases custom made just for your booth. Exhibit People provides the best quality solid hardwood & glass cases at unbeatable prices to customers. We can help you maximize your booth space with our high-quality glass display showcases.

It’s a good idea to browse our Display Cases, and Priced Design Ideas to see design ideas that may catch your eye. Talk with an expert & tell us how you’d like your rental counters to look and function to provide your attendees with great show experience.

What Matters Most:

  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Extensive Rental Inventory
  • Comprehensive CAD Library
  • Smart Innovations
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We have thousands of rental items on our inventory to create virtually any configuration we can think of. We also have a vast assortment of counters, workstations to show and demo product and greet visitors. We have a large assortment of tables, chairs and lounge furniture to make your meetings, large or small, comfortable and productive. We have Samsung Smart LED tv’s from small to very large to present your video content where you want and how you want. Need help with your graphic


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