Trade Show Booth Graphics

We are extremely selective in the quality materials we print on and we work with cutting edge printers to deliver very highest quality printed graphics. The rental booths we design and deliver rely heavily on graphic impact. We focus on two main graphic solutions, Printed Sintra with remo tape mounting and Printed fabric with SEG Silicone Edge mounting.

With Sintra mural panels we can offer a high gloss over-lam that gives a very retail sophisticated look, ideal for many companies. Fabric cannot offer this. For backlit graphics and murals, fabric is the best option but it requires some compromise in color matching as your corporate colors will look off once the light is turned on.

Printers must try to compensate with the color so that it closely matches as intended when backlit.

Our unique solution is to use computer printed and cut printed Sintra panels but not inset them into individual frames ( that cause the gap). Instead, we first build the exhibit wall or tower structure and then apply the printed panels after, pressing one edge tightly to the other.

This gives the appearance of a seamless mural. But in addition these murals are more durable show after show and less costly too. We can do this because we travel on every install, and we have the experience and tricks and technique to install correctly even in venues with uneven floors.

Seamless Graphics for Trade Show Displays

Seamless graphics refer to the ability to cover a large wall or tower without obvious seams. There are currently 2 primary methods Exhibit Companies provide large format graphics.

They can print on fabric and mount the one large fabric panel to a wall with Velcro or Silicon edge strip (SEG), or they can print on panels (Plexiglass or Sintra) and assemble the panels onto the wall to create one large image.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. At Exhibit People, we went our own way with printed panels creating a larger image. The Exhibit industry has many products that promote the ability to create a large wall graphic, but most of these still give you a small gap between the panels which has the appearance of a grid.

For this reason, even these companies came up with a way to modify their panels to allow for large fabric panel mounting to avoid these gaps.

The fabric, however, doesn’t always install perfectly and can be difficult to color match with other none fabric booth elements. Printed fabric graphics are also harder to keep clean from show to show.

See our seamless graphic specs.

What Matters Most:

  • Seamless Appearance
  • Durability to use show after show
  • Quality color matching for front lit and backlit graphics
  • Premium Sintra and Polyester fabric materials to start with
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