Rental Shelving & Slatwall

For many exhibitors shelving is the best way to display many products in one highly visible space, which makes sense as many products have packaging with retail shelf space in mind. Glass shelving are preferred as they are relatively thin, strong and they allow light to wash over the products placed on the shelves. when you need shelving in your booth its good to know we have trade show shelving for rent.

Slatwall is commonly used when shelf adjust-ability is needed. Slatwall also comes with many additional options in shelf supports, small shelves, hanging pegs and many other common display options primarily for for the apparel industries.

Shelving & Slatwall

Here at Exhibit People, we focus on functional booths. Often shelving & Slatwall is the best way to help our clients showcase their products, especially when packaging is designed for retail shelf space. Slatwall is widely accepted for retail and trade show exhibit design. Slatwall compliments trade show rental design well and at times when fewer slots look better, we have innovative ways to remove and add slots to walls as needed.

Browse our Priced Shelving Ideas to see if any of these shelving solutions could work for you.

When load-bearing trade show shelving is required we have other options that distribute weight more effectively. Talk with a rental expert and tell us what you need to display. Let us propose a solution that supports the weight of your product in an attractive efficient way.

What Matters Most:

  • Huge slatwall bracket selection
  • Real glass shelves
  • Options to handle more weight
  • Options for shelf adjust-ability

Key Features

key feature
Smart trade show rental solutions put your money Smart trade show rental solutions put your money
key feature
Our exhibit designers are also project managers Our exhibit designers are also project managers
key feature
Designing and installed trade show booths in events across the country, and we’ve been doing it for years
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What’s Next ?

We have thousands of rental items on our inventory to create virtually any configuration we can think of. We also have a vast assortment of counters, workstations to show and demo product and greet visitors. We have a large assortment of tables, chairs and lounge furniture to make your meetings, large or small, comfortable and productive. We have Samsung Smart LED tv’s from small to very large to present your video content where you want and how you want. Need help with your graphic


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