Steel & Acrylic Custom Elements

Steel and Acrylic materials are widely used in trade show design for their appearance and strength and versatility. Both can be cut, bent and welded to build the custom element you need.

Both materials are used to add form and function to exhibit designs. If you have products to display and need custom stands or mounts these are today’s materials of choice.

Custom Elements Acrylic Signs & Parts

Steel & Acrylic Custom Elements are highly versatile to exhibit construction materials. Strong and pliable, both can be cut, bent and finished to add just the right form and function you need with a trendy look you’ll like. We have the CNC, plasma cutting bending and welding expertise needed to bend, weld, and fabricate many different custom elements in amazing ways.

Browse our Custom Design Element Ideas to see we have many cutting edge shapes and sizes to give your trade show rental booth a very custom look and feel.

Talk with us and let’s see what we can come up with to put these two great materials to work for you.

What Matters Most:

  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Extensive Rental Inventory
  • Comprehensive CAD Library
  • Smart Innivations
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Ask Us a Question

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We have thousands of rental items on our inventory to create virtually any configuration we can think of. We also have a vast assortment of counters, workstations to show and demo product and greet visitors. We have a large assortment of tables, chairs and lounge furniture to make your meetings, large or small, comfortable and productive. We have Samsung Smart LED tv’s from small to very large to present your video content where you want and how you want. Need help with your graphic


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