Trade Show Rental Counters

Trade show rental counters add form and function of a rental booth design. Done well they make the booth look more substantial and custom providing counter space to greet attendees demo products and generally create a good atmosphere to conduct business.

Types of counters include; reception counters, demo counters and backwall counters, all providing functional work space in your trade show rental booth. Typically, trade show counters are 40″ tall and tables are 30″ tall. Bar stools are made to fit 40″ tall counters, which makes it easy for people seated in bar stools to also be close to eye level with people who are standing.

Other considerations for a rental counter are size, storage and seating. Many exhibitors want to booth staff assigned to their reception counter, and for this they prefer bar stools and room for legs under the counter. Some amount of storage is important to all exhibitors and often the reception counter is the only secure storage space in the booth.

Choose a counter that gives you the most bang for your buck. If locking storage isn’t critical, then invest in larger counter without storage. If shelves and drawers are important then consider standard counters that have these features but cost less than a custom counter made just for your booth.

Rental Trade Show Exhibits

We have great looking trade show rental counters to compliment any trade show rental design. Many of these rental counters feature locking storage. In addition, we even have bar counters with overhang that comfortably accommodate bar height seating. We have options for wire management using a grommet in the counter top to side panels with wire management holes.

Our custom rental trade show exhibits come in all sizes & shapes. In addition, printed or cut vinyl graphics can be applied to attract attendees or compliment a booth design.

It’s a good idea to browse our Priced Rental Counters, and Priced Design Ideas to see design ideas that may catch your eye. Or talk with us and tell us how you’d like your rental counters to look and function to provide your attendees with a great show experience.

Here’s what matters:

  • Locking storage
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Printed base panels
  • Lightweight and cost effective

Key Features

key feature
Smart trade show rental solutions put your money Smart trade show rental solutions put your money
key feature
Our exhibit designers are also project managers Our exhibit designers are also project managers
key feature
Designing and installed trade show booths in events across the country, and we’ve been doing it for years
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We have thousands of rental items on our inventory to create virtually any configuration we can think of. We also have a vast assortment of counters, workstations to show and demo product and greet visitors. We have a large assortment of tables, chairs and lounge furniture to make your meetings, large or small, comfortable and productive. We have Samsung Smart LED tv’s from small to very large to present your video content where you want and how you want. Need help with your graphic


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