Exhibit People’s Covid-19 Response – New Safety Measures

Here is what will be new at Exhibit People post Covid-19 crisis. We chose to hold off, weight options, and evaluate our workflow opportunities to provide sincere safely measures in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, and here’s what we came up with:

New Safety Measures:

Disinfectants: It’s a very easy step for us to implement disinfecting our offices, warehouse, inventory, and shipments and we have already implemented this at our Las Vegas facility. Going forward, everything coming or leaving gets disinfected. This step, along with the days your freight sits on a truck or in a warehouse ensures that either the disinfectant or the lack of a host kills anything that might harm you.

Gels: Also a very easy step, consider this done as well. Going forward along with the standard cleaning supplies we provide, we are including a bottle of Hand Sanitizing Gel for you and your clients to use throughout the event. This alone may realistically be the best line of defense since experts believe that most germ/virus transmission starts with a touch.

Barriers: Yes, its quite easy to add plexiglass barriers on counters, between demo stations. It’s just as easy to provide traffic flow stanchions and graphics that remind attendees to keep a safe distance. Just let us know this is important to you and we will propose the best option for your design, or a revised design that accomplishes safe distances better.

Distancing Designing: When barriers and traffic controls don’t seem like enough, we can always work with you to develop a new safe design that gives ample space and protection while also welcoming and attending guests as they arrive. This flexibility is the primary advantage of renting your trade show booth. We often tailor a booth design to the traffic flow of a booth location on the show floor, layering on safe distance planning is a minor step beyond what we already do.

Overall: We are pleased to see that renting a trade show booth from Exhibit People post-COVID 19 already minimizes any risk of getting or passing germs and viruses as an exhibitor. When you rent, you travel less, because you are able to arrive just before the show and leave for home just after the show. You get your booth installed with text updates, your visits to the Exhibitor Service desk handled, your booth cleaned and wiped daily. Rental not only allows you to focus on the business at hand but as it turns out, it allows you to focus on your rest and health while traveling.

Rental makes sense now more than ever.

Now, layering on disinfecting in our offices and warehouses and providing disinfectant sprays and sanitizing gels, rental maybe your best option for keeping healthy as you make business on the road. Below are a few helpful links to relevant Covid-19 websites.

We build and install customized rental booths and let’s brainstorm together to give you the best and safest trade show booth and experience.


Matt LaBruzza

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