Is Renting A Custom Trade Show Display Your Best Option?

Many of today’s savvy exhibitors see the advantage of a high-quality, turn-key rental solution, especially one that includes the setup, dismantle, and all the show services. Busy exhibitors simply prefer our hands-on approach through the design process and ordering of show services. They like being able to simply show up to their booth, connect their computers, place their products and literature, and start selling. Renting a custom trade show display certainly could be your best option, let’s dive in and explore how and why. 

So, what are the benefits?

Direct cost savings – Renting costs less than buying. You can plan to save at least half by renting, and still have a new-looking custom trade show booth tailored to your needs. If you rent that same both for a few shows the price drops significantly as you reuse the graphics you already own from the first rental.

Taxes play a role as well. When you buy a trade show booth, your accountant will view it as a capital expenditure to be written off over many years. Your rental is a one-time expense, reducing your taxable income directly for that same year.

Indirect Cost Savings – Renting has many other subtle advantages that you realize once you’ve rented once or twice. For example, when you rent even a small 10×10 trade show booth, you don’t have to worry about shipping damage or storage costs. Install and dismantle are also taken care of.

You don’t have to send someone from your team early to make sure the booth is installed correctly, or more importantly, dismantled and packed correctly for the next show. You can show up just before the show opens and leave right when the show closes. This can save hundreds in travel costs each show.

Also worth mentioning is the speed in which trends change in many industries including trade show design. We develop many new trade show booth design ideas each season to keep you competitive on the show floor. We’re constantly evolving new ways to look hip and fresh and adding new ideas to our website to offer a wide selection of booth ideas.

Convenience – With exhibit rental, you won’t have to worry about pulling your booth from storage to setup in your warehouse for inspection and repair before shipping out to the show, assuming you actually have the space to do this. This is huge and should not be understated. When you rent, you get to expect that the booth was inspected and packed correctly at no extra cost to you. You’re completely uninvolved with ordering the shipping and return pickup of your booth freight.

This is an area that can save you lots if done right, or cost you plenty if done wrong. Lastly, you won’t have to sweat the small stuff, like placing your electrical order before the deadline, or ensuring the TV cable was included. These fall to your rental house to take care of. You get to expect that your booth will be ready when you arrive, and when it comes time for dismantle, you get to expect that your graphics will make it safely back to storage ready for the next show.

Adaptability – Lastly, your trade show rental booth allows you to adapt to any new booth location, new innovation, or evolving marketing message. It’s just far too difficult to buy a trade show booth and trust that you will love it over the many years while you justify the purchase price. The ability to adapt and change to fit the booth location or latest product launch is frankly invaluable. It also doesn’t hurt to have a expert design team on your side.


When the show opens, your trade show display must look like the best, trendy exhibit solution, whether purchased or rented. You need a solution that delivers a clear brand and strong message, while also providing efficient use of space for booth staff to greet and assist prospects.

This is a shameless segue invitation for you to browse our custom designed trade show rental design ideas we have on our website to see just how good you could look renting a trade show display for your next booth space.

As always, our trade show design ideas are just that, ideas designed to get us talking and drill down on your needs and wants. Once we learn about you we’re ready to develop a customized rental exhibit design with functional design options tailored to your company.

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